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Black Ivory/Ancient Falmer Armor/Dawnguard and Weapons

-Stand Alone-


~~ Armor ~~
- Added light armor and Heavy armor
- All are craftable and temperable that can be found on Falmer list.
- Have white shining colors.(removed)
- Same as of ancient falmer armor stats.
- Added for male shirt and non shirtless shoulder.
- Recipe Requirements same as ebony armors.

~~ Weapons ~~
- Added A new Bow Same as requirements of black falmer set
- requirements of the bow is same as of ebony bow

List of items:


- Black Falmer Boots (heavy and light)
- Black Falmer Gauntlets (heavy and light)
- Black Falmer Cuirass (heavy and light)
- Black Falmer Crown (heavy and light)
- Black Falmer Sword
- Black Falmer Bow and Arrows


- Black Dawnguard boots (heavy and light)
- Black Dawnguard Armor (heavy and light)
- Black Dawnguard Gauntlets (heavy and light)
- Black Dawnguard Helmet (heavy and light)


- IF you are a female , if you wear the non shirtless shoulder armor your appearance will be like an ordinary cuirass.

- kinda looks weird when you are on something bright,(fixed)

- thats it , if you have one please tell me ..


- Higher Patch of Skyrim

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If you have request please comment then ill try to do it :D
Sorry for the black recolor, cause i love BLACK <3

- Thanks for the endorsement guys <3

Enjoy :))