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Stand-alone companion mods taken from Rendspire Palace Reborn. By request, these companions have been made available as seperate, downloadable files.

Rendspire Palace Reborn, a massive and detailed player home which contains all of these companions, can be downloaded here:

Shalice Viamura - Female Nordic Mage
Xia Maeva - Female Nordic Archer
Ra'Viijal - Male Khajiit Warrior
Magnus Gaul - Male Orcish Warrior
Ja'Ramu - Male Argonian Warrior
Dridyn Raslav - Male Dunmer Mage
Saidys Moor - Male Nord Warrior


Each of the companions is available at the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. If you activate all seven, it's quite the party in there.


This mod is compatible with Dawnguard. Dawnguard is not required.

Other than adding an NPC to the Bannered Mare in Whiterun, none of these companion mods make any changes to core game assets. Any mod that makes drastic changes to the Bannered Mare may be incompatible.


For new installs, copy the "Data" folder to your "Data" folder and activate the esp, or feel free to use NMM (recommended).


You can do whatever you want with this mod. Just, please give me any due credit.


Q: Can these followers be killed?
A: No, all of the companions available here are marked "essential".

Q: How strong are they? Will they make my game too easy?
A: Each of the NPC followers has a minimum level 20 and levels with the player. Depending on your skill level, they may be considered a "cheat" given that they are available fairly early in the game.

Q: Do I need Rendspire Palace Reborn to run any of these companion mods?
A: No, these are stand-alone mods. Rendspire Palace Reborn is not required.

Q: Will any of these companion mods conflict with Rendspire Palace Reborn?
A: Technically, no... however, Rendspire Palace Reborn already contains each of these NPC followers, so activating these mods along side Rendspire Palace Reborn will put a duplicate copy of the NPC followers in the world... which is great I guess, if you're into that sort of thing.

Q: Is there anything special about these companions?
A: They'll follow when asked... that's pretty special. These are pretty basic companions, folks. They're not going to give you pep-talks or make your breakfast, or do anything that vanilla companions don't do.

Q: I have Rendspire Palace Reborn, but Shalice Viamura looks different in this mod. Has she been changed?
A: Yes, I gave Shalice Viamura a makeover. She is now a Nord, but her stats are all still the same. Future versions of Rendspire Palace Reborn will contain the new version that's here.

Q: Why does Magnus Gaul give me access to the Orc strongholds?
A: Because he's a big Orc and he loves you.