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Added: 07/09/2012 - 04:16AM
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Last updated at 4:18, 7 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 4:16, 7 Sep 2012

Hello everyone, i am really sorry that i can't continue the mod anymore, but be free to do so! you can use any thing from the mod for your own mod, or continue it. Just remember to credit

First of all sorry for my english, my english teatcher was the games i played so you will find many gramatic errors.
Here you will find Swallows! But what are swallows? they are not birds, but weapons! They are Inspired in Serge Weapons from Chrono cross. Currently only Daedric is done, but if ya like it and endorse, i may make one for each material.
I tried to make them Lore friendly to both Skyrim materials and Chrono cross Swallows, they may don't look perfect now, but who knows how they will look on the next update?
Did you liked Chrono Cross? then also try my other mod, More Magic elements in skyrim
Currently, only Daedric Swallow is here, Both 1h and 2h. They aren't upgradable for now, this may change if ya people like the mod, so comment what ya is thinking.
Daedric Swallow 1h : Almost same stats as daedric war axe, but with 20 weight, 17 Damage and 100% critical hit chance(This may change later)
Daedric Swallow 2h : Almost same stats as daedric battle axe, but with 29 weight, 27 Damage and 100% critical hit chance(This may change later)
How to get Them? For now, ya must use the console to get the weapons, it is easy, ya just need to type HELP SWALLOW in the console and then put the desired code here: PLAYER.ADDITEM (item code) (Item amount)
To come
More Swallows(if you guys like this one i will make more)
Fix some things in the model
Make them upgradable

Square Enix team for Chrono cross(the swallow design style is from here)