AKHAZIIR The khajiit scout follower by Kamikazekossori
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Last updated at 21:05, 7 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 21:39, 6 Sep 2012

Akhaz'iir is my khajiit scout main character that I have converted into a follower. I wanted to make him a follower so he could join other people's characters in their adventures in the lands of Skyrim.

He has no base outfit so you can give him whatever equipment you want. He is also set to essential. His main skills are marksman, one handed, sneak and light armor. He should be quite balanced as I have set him up with much the same skills as my character. He has the lighfooted perk so that he does not set off traps. I have included two versions of him:

- one were covereyes is required or you don't mind not having the eyes that appear in the shots
- one for if you don't use covereyes and simply want to swap in the required eyes from the mod (refer to the installation instructions below)

This is my first mod, so I hope you guys like it :)


Akhaz'iir is a khajiit who has lost much of his early memories. Only a few fragmented memories remain, surfacing as visions in his dreams. The only thing he does remember clearly is his training as a scout, he is skilled at archery, staying concealed and moving swiftly and silently in light armor. He does no recall who taught him those skills or why however, he sees only a familiar face. He has wandered Tamriel and has seen much as he searching for hints about his past. Akhaz'iir is a very kind, curious and optimistic sort. He loves to meet new friends and will protect those important to him from harm. His curiosity means he really enjoys delving into new places and loves solving mysteries. His curiosity can get the better of him at times leading him to get himself into bad situations. But because of his uncanny luck, nearly unshakeable optimism and slyness he always seems to get himself out of them.


Akhaz'iir was last seen staying in the Bee and Bard in Riften, waiting for an adventurer to bring him on their adventures.

Video reviews

Thanks to Brodual and WackoMacko for their reviews of the mod.

Recommended/Required mods

Covereyes by mrLenski - is only required if you want the eyes that appear in the shots.

Coverkhajiits by mrLenski - a must for great looking khajiits, I am sure most of you already use this.
Ultimate follower overhaul by fLokii or whatever similar mod you prefer.


Covereyes/other eyes version
Simply download with nmm and install, make sure you have covereyes installed if you want he eyes that appear in the shot
To install manually simply extract the files into you main Skyrim directory and check the .esp in the launcher.

Eye swap version - if you want to have the eyes that appear in the shots but you don't use Covereyes - manual install only
- Extract the files in you main Skyrim directory as above
- Download Covereyes manually
- Extract the files to a temporary location
- Find the eyes folder and copy the following files:,,
- Paste those files into data/textures/actors/character/akhaziir/eyes and you are done


There should be no bugs as I have tested it but if you find any bugs or problems that I missed please leave a comment or send me a message and I will try to fix them.


A special thanks to:

Schmoops9 - For testing him out and helping me find and fix the initial problems with him.
Sumojellybean - For explaining the folder structure required to swap in specific eyes. Make sure to check out her Beans badass women compilation
JoPineapples68 and ZeroKing - for their Synergy,SYNCOT and Wyrmslayer ENB's respectively with which I took the shots of him.
CaBaL120 - whose amazing aMidianBorn Leather Armor is featured in the shots
mrLenski - For releasing Covereyes and Coverkhajiits, two mods that make Khajiits look so good.

I would also like to extend a big thanks to, in no particular order:


Your support means so much to me

For anyone I forgot to mention, I am sorry, be sure that I am very thankful to you as well.

And of course a big thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit.