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To buy and learn the spells, talk to Alumur the Druid. He can be found to the right of the entrance of Riverwood, where you arrive when using the map. The vendor next to him sells "Epic" spells, which aren't Druid related.

Most of the spells have low magic requirements and cost little mana. Most are not balanced yet.

I would recommend making backups of save files before trying the mod. I am unsure if disabling the addon after saving will messup a savefile.

The spellpack includes:

Mantra of Rain
Mantra of Snow
Mantra of Clear Skies
Mantra of Balance (all mantras are weather alteration spells
Blessing of Haste
Gravitas - destruction timed spell
Call Ally: Bear
Call Ally: Frostwind Spriggan
Call Ally: Faerie Trickster - (Still needs work)
Earthvine Rune - (still needs work)
Tremor - (needs work on usefulness)
Fog of War - summons a fog to confuse enemies
Winter's Chill - slow enemies

Epic Spells: Extra spells i'm working on, not druid related

Call Ally: Gandalf the Grey - Summons Gandalf from LOTR *
*ty DigitalLion for his 'gandalf hat' mod

also, the mod changes the max amount of possible summons to 4, and runes to 4.

Things to do: Working on adding many more spells. Summons and Restoration Heals/Buffs for teammates. Shape-shifting.