Basic Athletics and Acrobatics by Eldiran
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This script increases player speed, jump height, and fall tolerance based on their level and stamina. How much it increases can be edited in the .ini file.


A level 1 player with 100 Stamina has 100 speed, 76 jump, and 600 fall tolerance (default value for vanilla Skyrim).

With the default settings, speed increases by 0.2 every level and 0.9 every 10 points of Stamina. Jump increases by 0.3 every level and 1.1 every 10 points of Stamina. Fall tolerance increases by 0.4 every level and 1.2 every 10 points of Stamina.

As an example, a level 30 player with 250 Stamina has 122.2 speed, 101.2 jump, and 629.6 fall tolerance.

Once you reach higher levels and stamina, your growth will slow down dramatically. Using the default settings, at level 40 the rate decreases to 50%, and at level 80 to 25%. Similarly it reaches 50% at 350 stamina and 25% at 700 stamina.

NOTE: When your speed changes, you must crouch or uncrouch to make it affect your character. When you level up, crouch and uncrouch to have it calculate and apply the speed modifications.

1.4 - values are now also calibrated on load; fixed bug of using current stamina avinstead of max
1.3 - growth rates decrease to 50% and 25% at high levels/stamina; editable in .ini
1.2 - fixed issues with reading .ini incorrrectly, added fall tolerance .ini default setting
1.1 - added fall tolerance, and added configurable base amounts for speed and jump.
1.0 - original version.

Since there is no actor value for fall tolerance, the script edits a global value which may affect the fall tolerance for all creatures, but it's generally worth it since NPCs don't often fall.

Requires Script Dragon, found here:

1. Install Script Dragon from the above link.
2. Place basicAthleticsAcrobatics.asi and basicAthleticsAcrobatics.ini into your root Skyrim folder, alongside TESV.exe. Not the Data folder.

Delete basicAthleticsAcrobatics.asi and basicAthleticsAcrobatics.ini.

Thanks to Alexander Blade for Script Dragon
Thanks to Buddah for fixing the comments section
Thanks to NeoSeether for fall tolerance idea and global setting name