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REPLACER for the Bandit (fur) Armor

Permissions and credits
This is a REPLACER for existing meshes/textures ... You have been


A Non-Replacer version MAY be forthcoming, after I do all of the male

armors in game I can.

Continuing my "Skirtless Male Armors" theme mods
Hide =
Iron =
Nord =

Basically my DOV don't wear skirts!

So I decided to try and create a "pants" version of the male armors.
Where possible I tried to use existing textures and keep the

theme/style the same, and where not possible, I created the textures

from scratch (like all of the normal maps!!!)

The fur armors were little easier in some ways, and a little harder in

others, mainly because the game engine for Skyrim makes creating

realistic looking 'fur' very difficult to do, hopefully they don't

look too bad for you. Although personally I'm still not 100% happy

with them.

The textures are not "High Def" and please don't ask for for a "HD"

version, but they are as detailed and as close to the original

textures as I can make them.
If someone wants to create a HD version, feel free.

I'm slowly going through all the armors and, where possible, doing the

same thing, so there should be more coming, please be patient if your

want "xxx" armor with no skirt

These are MALE ONLY, as I feel there is already enough female variants

out there, but If I get enough requests I MAY try and do something

similar for the female version.

There may be some minor clipping errors here and there with certain

animations, I haven't tested these out exhaustively in game, but in

most situations they seem to work OK

!!! Again, Any bugs or major issues PLEASE let me know POLITELY, and

I'll try and sort them out !!!

For the SS I used vanilla assets, except I used one of the "clean"

skin textures (can't remember which one, but there aren't that many

for male bodies so ...)