Necromancy and Illusion Level Cap 75 by Budcat
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True Necromancy and Illusion Mastery
A Level Cap Enhancer
Version 1.1
In Vanilla Skyrim, Master Necromancers become unable to resurrect the dead over level 40 and Master Illusionists are rendered useless at level 47. After spending all that time becoming a master, there's only a short window of opportunity to capitalize.

This mod changes the Master level Illusion spells Mayhem, Harmony and Hysteria so that they have a level cap of 75 rather than 25. With Illusion's perk to enhance the level cap, Illusionists can use these spells up to level 97.
This mod also changes the Conjuration spell Dead Thrall so that it too has a level cap of 75. It also changes the lesser necromancy spells in Conjuration so resurrected zombies last 1 day rather than the petty 60 seconds.

All casting costs are unchanged.

This mod will ensure your Necromancy and Illusion spells never become obsolete.

Due to a bug with raised minions when the game forces your minion to be destroyed, they may linger in a bugged state as a pile of ash. I included a simple conjuration spell called "Dismiss Minion" which can be cast to dispel any bugged minions. This spell is basically a "Summon Familiar" spell that lasts for just 1 second. Cast it on the ground as a normal summons and your old minion will turn to ash and the "dismiss" familiar will vanish after a second. It can be bought from Farengar in Whiterun. I believe it is 4 gold and costs 1 mana.

This mod only changes the details of preexisting spells so it should be compatible with any mods that don't alter those same spells.

For those using modified Necromancy spells, I have included an optional version of the mod that only modifies the three master Illusion spells and leaves Necromancy unchanged. It's called Illusion Level Cap 75, naturally.

Change Log

Version 1.1
Created Dismiss Minion spell to fix issues with bugged minions.

Added Dismiss Minion spell book to Farengar's goods.

Added an Illusion only version of the mod.