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HUBB House - Highly Useful But Boring Player Home
HUBB House is a no-frills player home that puts emphasis on utility (usability, navigability, and plenty of storage/display space) at the expense of visual appeal and atmosphere.

This player home was inspired by the great Dovahkiin Hideout by Shakab, which is unfortunately no longer under active development (but is still perfectly playable). It's a very practical player home, which is the aspect that I'm trying to emulate. However my mod is in fact made completely from scratch with the Creation Kit.

I'm designing this house around my play style, which is along the lines of:
- Go adventuring
- Bring home a sack full of loot
- Dump it all in several well-organized containers
- Display the cool stuff (ALL of it)
- Get the hell out, don't sit in a chair, don't look at boring overused knick knacks, don't pass go
- Occasionally browse through my well-displayed, hard earned loot and feel good about my game

If this sounds like you, then keep an eye on the development of this mod (if I end up having time to continue it). Currently I've only just created it. It's my first real mod, but I like to think I'm quite careful and meticulous in my work.

That said this mod is currently considered an ALPHA. DO NOT rely on saves made with this mod active. Right now there's really no reason to even make a save that includes this player house. There's nothing unstable about the mod, considering how simple it is, but things are still in flux and containers may disappear or move at any time during this phase of development.

I'm releasing this early version only as a preview to gauge interest and possibly gather some opinions.

P.S. Currently I have been busy elsewhere in my life. I fully plan on coming back to work on this mod soon, so please don't worry if you are afraid it will die completely. In the meantime I do check the comments, so please feel free to leave your feedback at any time!

What this mod is NOT
- Dawnguard/Hearthfire-ready. This mod should theoretically work with the expansions, as it only uses default stuff from the base game, but I don't have either of them to test it and do not currently have plans to buy them.
- HUBB House is not meant to be pretty. The home itself is very plain. Nearly homogenous walls, floors, and ceilings.
- No special lighting, fog, or atmosphere, aside from interactive torch scones mentioned below.
- No worthless knick-knacks, decorations, or clutter (unless put there by you).
----- Frustrated with placing your own items where you want them? See the Decorator Assistant link below in the Recommended Related mods section. It takes some getting used to, but if you want to seriously decorate your own house, it's invaluable and you won't look back.
- No stairs, hidden rooms, or other complexity to the layout
- No worthless benches, chairs/thrones, or other stuff I would never use and just gets in the way.
- No custom models, textures, meshes, or anything not found in the Creation Kit.
- No quests, special mechanics, or other game integration. Just stuff in a house.
- Won't reskin any mannequins
- Won't have multiple versions.
- Won't be uploaded or supported anywhere but here on the Skyrim Nexus.

Note: for the duration of the alpha stage at least, I'm assuming you are not relying on any saves made with this mod. That being said:
- Make sure you've uninstalled any previous versions of this mod
- Make a clean full save with the mod uninstalled
----- Or better yet, simply revert to using a save from before you ever used the mod
- Download and install with the Nexus mod manager
- Start the game and travel to Breezehome in Whiterun
- The entrance is a trap door under some bushes next to Breezehome
- Please do not make any saves with this mod while it is in alpha stage, or if you do, don't rely on them. This mod is not complete yet and I won't support problems with your saves until I have a better release out.
- TL;DR: Use at your own risk

Features (some are yet to be implemented)
- Large size to accommodate all the storage, display space, weapon racks, mannequins you could ever want
- Easily navigable, very simple layout
----- It's a set of 9 6 rooms, laid out in a square rectangle
----- Outer rooms are partially octagonal
----- Inner room is something of an X shape
- Evenly and well lit, but not obnoxiously bright as to trigger the bloom effects in places.
- Most lights are controlled by interactive torch sconces, for some user-variability in lighting
- Full crafting stations areas in the center room
- Condensed crafting areas in the first room
- Full library
- Full garden
- Altar/standing stone/dragon priest altar room
- Trap door access outside of Breezehome.
- Lots of storage chests, barrels, lockboxes, satchels, etc. for the types who like to keep everything separate and organized.
- Lots of weapons racks, mannequins, and tables/shelves for displaying stuff. Probably concentrated in 2-4 of the outer rooms.
- As of 0.0.3, includes over 400 weapon racks, 300 safe storage containers, and 50 mannequins
- Minor unobtrusive variations/decor in rooms to help you navigate the symmetrical structure without getting lost too easily.
- Possibly a bath/master bedroom (Maybe, these things are nearly outside the scope of this mod).
- Possibly find a way to optimize room portals without adding complexity to the layout.
- Suggestions welcome. I won't guarantee I'll use them all, but at this point it's looking like I will have more than enough space for everything I want to do/add.

Recommended/Related Mods
- fg109's Decorator Assistant
- Shawkab's Dovahkiin Hideout

Known Issues
Vanilla weapon racks, mannequins, and bookcases were NOT designed to be used in mass quantities, as they are in this home. In the vanilla game you only ever see a few in any given cell. If they act quirky, there will be nothing this mod can do about it short of lowering the number of these objects. I have not yet tested using more than 1 or 2 of these things at a time, so you may experience some oddities when filling out your home. I'd be interested to know what happens in the meantime, but know that short of building my own weapon racks/mannequins from scratch and completely rescripting them (i.e. dumping the vannila scripts for these objects, made by Bethesda), there's probably nothing I can do about strange weapon rack/bookcase/mannequin behavior.

In the future I may look into making my own versions of these objects, maybe. But until then, this mod will remain as vanilla as possible.

- Initial alpha release
- Includes shell and some structure

- Filled in center room
- Filled in most of mannequin/weapon rack rooms
- Added banners for navigation
- Added lots of no-respawn (i.e. safe) chests

- Filled in more rooms
- Nixed the back 3 rooms for now (put fireplaces where the doors were) at least until the front rooms are more fleshed out. At some point the back rooms may turn into library/garden/bedroom/bath and dedicated altar/standing stone/dragon priest altar rooms.
- Changed banners around to accommodate new layout

- Implemented the proper entrance/exit. A trap door is located just outside the entrance to Breezehome, under some bushes.
- Moved the condensed workshop from one corner of the center room to the front room (still need to redesign the old compact workshop area)
- Filled out the front room
- Filled out second display room
- Minor layout changes

- Started on library in back right room
- Currently inlcudes 20 bookshelves, each with 4 shelves that hold 10 books (800 books), will add more diverse shelving in future updates)
- Reopened up the back rooms
- Minor layout changes, opened up center-back doorway
- Removed lots of duplicate floor and wall pieces

- Improved bookshelves by creating shelf-specific buttons. Anywhere you see a red "shield-rack" button is the access to a specific shelf unit.
- Added journal-specific bookshelves. They are smaller, and each "shelf" holds 3 stacks of 16 journal-sized books. They should NOT be used for regular sized books.
- Added single bookshelves above desks, with book-ends.
- Added book-display cases, which will eventually be interactive "bookshelves" as well.
- Filled out display rooms with more shelves.

- Started work on garden in back left room
- Filled out master bedroom in back center room, includes all divine shrines (+ Nocturnal), all standing stones, and dragon priest mask altar

- Filled out alchemy garden
- Added study table to library
- Fixed two broken mannequins (South side of Southwest room)
- Added floors under temporary out-of-map mannequins to keep them from falling through the map and lagging the game

- Overhauled all storage shelves with a large variety of different safe storage chests, to make locating items significantly easier.
----- NOTE: If you had stuff in various chests, it will probably be gone with this update. Remember, this is alpha development and things will change. Either revert to a save from before you used this mod/put stuff into its chests, or take your stuff out of the chests while still using v0.0.8 and put it back into the 0.0.9 chests.
- Library layout revamp. Now includes lowered study area to allow better view of display units.
- Added wall-mounted satchels near each mannequin, so you can keep related items close by, if you prefer.
- Added several more varied storage units near crafting stations in first main room, for more convenient item access. More to come in other areas.

- Revamped master bedroom
- Re-tooled old condensed workstation area (NW corner of center room) into a kitchen/bar area.
- Added rugs all over the house to further aid with navigation and generally make the place less depressing.
- Gave back rooms their own specific flag themes, and made the doorway flags consistent.