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Last updated at 0:12, 4 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 23:57, 3 Sep 2012

This mod adds a none-replacer retexture version of the Dark Brotherhood Robes. More specifically, it adds one set of robes and a hood fitted for all races, gender and size, and those clothes are offered in 2 favors: regular and "Powered". The regular version is created without any enchantments, to let you enchant it however you see fit, while the "Powered" has enchantments chosen by me.

The clothes are not found anywhere, but can be crafted by anyone at any smelter. No perks requirement, not even for the enchanted versions.

List of enchantments for the "Powered" version:
Robes - + 300 Magicka
Hood - + 300% Magicka regen

On the subject of armor rating: it doesn't have any. Because it's clothes. Clothes intended for mages. I won't add armor rating ever for that reason, so don't bother asking.

Keep in mind, I play and balance in expert. So yeah, some of you might find it a tad OP. I also do not like perk requirement, if only because I consider that this mod is mainly aesthetic. People are also mature enough to decide if they find the enchantments on the powered versions too OP for their taste.

The recipe is in-game, just check at the closest smelter.

Don't be shy, leave a comment, leave an endorsement if you like the mod.

Remember, report every bugs related to my mod.

As always, enjoy.


Installation: the files inside the "meshes"/"textures" folders goes in:

While the .esp file (Magnus V3.0) goes in "data".


I did a Magnus armor mod too! Check it out there: