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Happy Birthday, to You!

With only 3 days till my BDAY, I decided it was time to celebrate in style. So I made myself an ingame cake XD, and now you can too!

Go to any cooking pot to bake yourself a Birthday Cake!

When first eaten, the cake will show a Birthday Greeting personalized to show your characters name!

Then, a Birthday Cake will appear in front of your character!

You can blow out the candles by equipping the Unrelenting Force Shout and then hitting the cake in any manner!

You can also slice up to 12 pieces of cake for your friends and family! Throw yourself a BDAY party!

When Eaten, the cake will give you a 5 point boost to health, stamina, and magicka regeneration for 12 hours. And fortify your carry weight 15 points as well!

You also get +100 Birthday Happiness for 12 hours!

Translate, add to, reupload, use meshes, etc. however you want. Just give credit to the creator (ME D:) and preferably add a link to the original mod’s Skyrim Nexus page, though not necessary I urge you to do so :p