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Light up the dark using archery! Burn your enemies from afar! Set oil and gas on fire on your own terms. Now with Torch Bolts for Dawnguard!
A Ranged Fire option for non-magic users

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This is a small mod that adds Torch Arrows and Torch Bolts (for Dawnguard) to the game.

With one arrow or bolt you will be able to:
- Light up the area your arrow hits (to see better in dark dungeons or dark nights)
- Set enemies you hit on fire
- Set flammable oil puddles, flammable gas, and beehives on fire by shooting them
- Lay short-lived fire traps that damage enemies with leveled damage where your arrow lands

These arrows are meant to be mid-level items, but should still be useful at higher levels

Fires that are attached to the ground, wall or ceiling will last 15 seconds (10 for bolts) and then snuff themselves out. The light radius of the fires is slightly bigger than the vanilla torch.

Note: Fire trap DOT operates based on tiers according to the level of the owner (the one who fired the arrow/bolt) AND the level of the target. For example, if the owner is in Tier 3 and the target is in Tier 5 (higher level), fire traps will do Tier 3 damage to that target. If the owner is in Tier 7 and the target is in Tier 2 (lower level), then the Fire traps will do Tier 2 damage to that target. Basically, damage is always scaled to the lowest leveled actor involved, to prevent the a low level NPC or player from punching above their weight class, while allowing the arrows and bolts to scale with the player. Fire from bolts does slightly less DOT than arrows

The Dawnguard version of this mod adds extra DOT against all Vampire races (including against the player) to the fire traps

No menu options or spells necessary! Just equip them and fire at will

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you use one of the many fantastic ENBs or FXAA injectors that make nights and dungeons darker

Arrows may be found in shops (most reliably in the Solitude Fletcher's shop) for purchase, or may be looted from Bandits or Imperial guards/soldiers (if a town is under imperial control, the guards may have Torch Arrows)

Bolts may be found on some Dawnguard NPCs, or for sale from Sorine Jurard's shop

To craft the arrows, you will need
- The book "Fihada's Research Notes" which can be found in the Fletcher's shop in Solitude
- Steel Smithing Perk

To craft the bolts you will need
- The note "Isran's Instructions" which can be found in Fort Dawnguard, on a bookshelf near the forge
- Steel Smithing Perk
- Access to Steel Bolts (you get this during the Dawnguard Quest)

The recipe to make a bundle of 24 arrows is
- 24 x Steel Arrows
- 1 x Dwarven Oil
- 1 x Fire Salts

The recipe to make a bundle of 36 bolts is
- 36 x Steel Bolts
- 1 x Dwarven Oil
- 1 x Fire Salts

If you like this mod, PLEASE ENDORSE it :)

If you can think of a new feature that makes sense, feel a feature needs improvement, or feel a feature appears to not be working as intended, please let me know through the comments section or via PM


So, how do these arrows work?

The arrow itself is a steel arrow with two major modifications
1. The arrowhead has been modified to include a reservoir (filled with Dwarven Oil) that opens when the arrow strikes its target
2. A striker strip made from Fire Salts that ignites due to friction against the bow as the arrow is fired

Torch bolts are smaller and faster than Torch arrows, so to fit into lore fires generated by bolts do slightly less DOT and burn for 10 seconds. This is because they have less oil per projectile than the arrows

There is also a small backstory of how these arrows and bolts came to be in Skyrim. This is detailed in a journal and a note placed in the game (see above)


Required files: Skyrim and its most current update (1.7.7)

Dawnguard IS REQUIRED for the Dawnguard version of this mod


If you do not have Dawnguard, don't download the Dawnguard version ;)

Please Note: if you are upgrading to version 1.3, you MAY lose the arrows you currently have. Find more in game (see above) or use the console to give yourself some (type help "torch arrows" 4 for the ObjectID)

The file is standard-packed, so it is recommended that you use the Nexus Mod Manager link above to download and install it

Otherwise, you should extract all files into your ~\Skyrim\Data\ folder

If you have mods which alter leveled lists for for arrows or bolts, you may need to use Wrye Bash if you would like them all to show up in game with this mod. otherwise, place the mod you want to take priority after all the others in your load order

If you do not want Leveled List implementation, install one of the optional files labeled "No Leveled Lists" AFTER you install one of the main files. If you are using Nexus Mod Manager, select "No" when it asks if you want to upgrade and "yes" when it asks to replace the esp file

If you have a Better Sorting mod installed, there are add-ons in the files section that will rename the Torch Arrows and Torch Bolts to "Arrow - Torch" and "Bolt - Torch". Make sure to load these *.esp files AFTER the proper main file (works with the No Leveled Lists versions as well). If Nexus Mod asks if you want o upgrade, select "no"

- Delete TorchArrow.esp or TorchArrow-Dawnguard.esp from your data folder
- Delete the folders ~\Skyrim\Data\Meshes\weapons\TorchArrow\ and ~\Skyrim\Data\textures\weapons\TorchArrow\
- you are done


- I'm getting reports that the patch that makes this mod fit with Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows may be causing problems for some users. I am working with the CQaLA mod author on this, please be patient. For now, if you are using that mod with this one and you are having problems, unequip the arrows before you save your game, and everything should be fine. Or, you can run the two mods without the patch and have to deal with torch arrows not being close to the body, and slightly shorter than other arrows. They are compatible, it just might look funny if you pay close attention

- If you are running a mod that changes the Form List for what will trigger flammable traps, this mod may conflict with it (very very rare)

- Frame rate issues may occur on lower end PCs, since each time you fire an arrow you create a new light source (arrows extinguish after fifteen seconds to prevent this issue)

- This mod does not use any new scripts, so there should be no save-game bloat. If you discover any save-game bloat, please notify me ASAP


Q: Why aren't the arrows on fire while in the bow? I would be more realistic that way!

A: There are 2 reasons for this: Firstly, if the arrows were on fire while still sitting in the bow, they would also be on fire while in the quiver, which makes it look like the quiver itself is on fire, which is even less realistic than self-igniting arrows (the Dragon-Born is probably smart enough to not wear something that is currently on fire). Secondly, it is very hard to aim your bow in 1st person when there is a flame taking up a large portion of the center of the screen

Q: Will you be making a version that includes crossbow bolts?

A: I already have!

Q: Can you make a version that includes Ice/Shock/Poison/etc?

A: There are plenty other mods that give the player explosive elemental arrows. If you can think of a version of Ice/Shock/Poison or any other effect that makes sense as something other than an explosion, please let me know


If you are have ideas on how to fix these issues, please help me out, as it will improve everyone's Skyrim experience

- Find a way to make the fire not light under/on water
- Find a workaround to drop arrows after impact so the player can pick them up
- Possible balance changes
NOTE: Since I am not working on this anymore, I leave this here as a guide to where I intended to develop further


v 1.3 -- 5th update, Full Release
- Implemented Arrows and Bolts into Leveled Lists
- Fixed an issue where the recipe for Torch Bolts would not appear
- Changed requirements for crafting. Players now need books that can be found in Skyrim
- Arrow and Bolt damage now depends on owner's level and target's level
- For Dawnguard users, extra damage to vampires has been scaled down to more reasonable levels

v 1.05.1 -- 4th update, Full Release
- Added Dawnguard version that includes Torch Bolts
- Fixed the inventory description of Torch Arrows in both versions

v 1.05 -- 3rd update, Full Release
- Balance changes: Fire trap DOT now has a tiered damage structure

v 1.0 -- 2nd update, Full Release
- Made a new Mesh for the arrows (fully UV mapped and textured)
- Light radius is now 20% larger (good for dark night and dungeon mods)
- Arrows burn for 15 seconds now (up from 10)

v 0.75b -- 1st update
- Fixed arrow mesh so that it displays the payload when bow is drawn
- Altered textures to be more visually distinct
- A few more enemies should fire the arrows back at the player

v 0.5b -- Initial Release


Silverfeetstudio for allowing me to expand and improve upon his idea
Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit
hodilton and LiveStyleGaming for the videos

Please do not upload this mod to any other sites, THIS IS A NEXUS EXCLUSIVE
If you would like to use my mod in yours, just credit me in the description, and have fun
If you want to feature this mod in a video, or upload non-"adult" photos, go right ahead, you already have permission