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Uh... This my first mod I release, forgive me for my english, and... Well, this is a mod I made for me, first, because I'm a comic book fan and I had an crazy idea, make a Captain america version of skyrim (I don't know if you understand all I write, sorry ^^') I look in skyrim Nexus and there are Captain uniform, shield, but nothing to "be" a Skyrim Captain america.

In this mod you have all the playable races, but this is all "Super-soldier" races. You punch stronger (warning ! you are really so stronger in some races), run faster (very faster for one), Jump higher, and more resilient, and keep all your proper races ability.

I don't SPOIL you anymore try it and you'll see, but one things Normally Werewolf condition has no change and you normally can be a werewolf and I believe It's compatible with Dawnguad (For werewolf side).

Vampire side is normally not in function, normally I can't do all the test (Need time).

In the futur, I want to introduce this "Young nordic man, who wants to fight for liberty and justice in Skyrim" as NPC follower et many other Super-soldier NPC (When I learn it) and maybe, for those no want to be super-soldier permanently I go to create a "Potion substitute of super-soldier".

Well, I only ask you to say me if you like it and if there is any bug for you, and if you want and if you like it, endorse it, thanks.

Now You can to be this "Young nordic man, who wants to fight for liberty and justice in Skyrim" called CAPTAIN SKYRIM, use the super soldier race of your choice. After extract the Zip file of "The captain skyrim armor" in Data folder, in-game go to the Whiterun's inn and in the bedroom hulda gives you, you can find a book... --_--' Yes, in French, but I go to translate it. In the book you can find information on the Captain Skyrim story life, and it has information on a book which says you where is the Captain's armor pieces around Skyrim (You have to get the shield and the imperial version of the armor with the command consol, I try to modify the both armors mod) Enjoy it and if you have any question, I answer you on comment section.

Thanks to Bethesda and thanks to all the others modders