Chuck Norris Potions by Luhzinha
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Added: 02/09/2012 - 02:29PM
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Last updated at 16:12, 3 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 14:29, 2 Sep 2012

This mod adds some new potions to skyrim.

Chuck Norris Potion: Restoration
Restores Magicka, Health and Stamina to maximum;
Cure Poison;
Cure Disease.

Chuck Norris Potion: Power
Increase all weapons damage done.
Reduces cooldown of all shouts to zero.
Enter in Frenesi state (Double Damage).
Duration: 10 minutes.

Chuck Norris Potion: Tanker
You become immortal.
Duration: 20 seconds.

Chuck Norris Potion: Agility
Increase Atack Speed.( You will attack about 10 times a second if you click really fast. )
Duration: 60 seconds.
Obs: For the potion of agility work, your weapons should not be enchanted.
ObsĀ²: Your attack speed is so high that you can not possibly see the movements of your character's attack, to see more clearly the attacks, i recommend attack something metal to see the sparks.

The console command for potions are:
xx000D62 - Restoration
xx0012C6 - Power
xx0012C8 - Tanker
xx00182E - Agility
xx = load order of this mod.

Drop CNP.esp in your skyrim data folder.

Delete CNP.esp of your skyrim data folder.

1.0: Initial Release
2.0: Added more potions, power, tanker, agility.
2.5: Minor bug fix.