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Added: 02/09/2012 - 11:47AM
Updated: 01/10/2012 - 08:17PM

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Last updated at 20:17, 1 Oct 2012 Uploaded at 11:47, 2 Sep 2012

youre purist with 2 button mouse and keyboard made to last, not cause epileptic attacks?
like your hotkeys to respond each and every time on shortest keypress?
dont care for flashy menus that take ages to navigate?
configuration items/spells litter your eq screen?

pro hotkeys. cleanest, fastest, smallest, best.

you get 10 hotkey keys (1 to 0) , one modifier (lalt by default), reverse cycling direction key (lshift by default), 5 cycle slots on each hotkey, each storing both or either hand (for a grand total of 100 combinations), super simple configuration. also included well documented sources (to to learn, improve and take over the world ;) and finally ULTRA LOW LATENCY POOLING!
also 10 configurable shout hotkeys, invoked as + 1-0

with disabled vanilla hotkeys (and your preferred mb->hand translations)
SKSE 1.06.01(+)
no other hotkey mods installed, obviously

my mod

quick howto:
is lalt with bidirectional cycling, optional
having empty hand while saving hotkey will store only non-empty hand

insert + + hotkey -> save spells/weapon set
delete + + hotkey -> delete current set (or will switch to it first)
home + + hotkey -> shows messagebox with selected cycle
insert + home + + -> follow notification and equip scroll, or hold delete to cancel
hotkey -> will cycle through items, remembers active set and restores when changing between cycles
lshift + + hotkey -> cycle back

setpqv _thkq
silent false - whether to suppress notification of equipped items
mod1 56 (look up dxkeycodes to change those)
mod2 42
shoutkey 219

0.5c.. vision fulfilled. pretty much nothing left to improve ;)
REQUIRED SKSE PRERELEASE 1.06.01+ (get on beths forums skse thread).
0.5 changes:

    • implemented autocasting, chain-autocasting and scroll autocasting, no clunky mana drain hacks either, just reading animation state
    • implemented shouts (autocast on buttonpress), on + 1-0, with ins/home/del working as expected ;)
    • no more update variables tweak woes, update event is used only as oom failsafe/timeout
    • cleaned up the code, got rid of redundancies and inconsistencies, basically rewrote whole damn thing
    • hold-release last stuff is no more, keystates are read from input events (read instant)
    • 'ui' thingie home key shows is readable and clean now, even tells which key is pressed
    • MASSIVE speed gain - as fast as vanilla ingame hotkeys.
    • probably some other bits i forgot
    • if sneak key is pressed for more than 0.5s you will stand up when you release it, original functionality retained on shorter presses
    • unidirectional cycling option removed

3 weeks later, here we are again, no code changes since ;). aaand big cheers to ian for finally slappin new skse up!