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HUD replacer. Smaller bars, smaller compass and a slight new layout.. sneak meter variation or vanilla. OUTDATED: check instead.

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THIS MOD IS OUTDATED, use the link below for an updated version
Less Intrusive HUD II

Inspired on Gopher's iHud, I created a new hudmenu.swf file that replaces vanilla Hud and of course I strongly recommend using this with iHud.

- Smaller bars: Health, Stamina, Magicka.
- Smaller compass and crosshair.
- Sneak meter variation or vanilla.
- Adjusted alpha transparency.
- Slightly new layout.
- New typeface for main Hud and books/handwriting.
- Fadeout text after a few seconds (for items/names)

Credits and Thanks: to whoever had part on any of the components that involve this mod, such as source flash files, otf typefaces, etc..

*** Tested basic functionalities, level up, quest complete, sneak, combat, pickpocketing, exploration, etc. But there's the possibility that I missed something.
So possitive feedback is welcome, negative feeback please keep it to yourself.

I provided bsa/esp files along with the loose files option, but for this mod I think it's better to use loose files, just in case you already have a font mod or if you decide to change that in fontconfig.txt yourself, also you could replace the other files: fonts_en2.swf and cheboygan.swf
If you wanna do that I suggest you browse the nexus or google, there's already a lot covered on that matter.

Fixed floating quest marker
Improved quest objectives animation
Fixed weapon charges overlapping health and magicka bars
Fixed the ! mark that wouldnt hide when in normal mode (not sneaking).
Changed sizes on some texts and improved shadows.
Tweaked few alphas.

Fixed Dragon font displaying incorrectly when learning new shouts
Improved quest objectives animation
Added vanilla font option
Added vanilla sneak meter option

Fixed "quicksaving.." text, displays correctly now
Added Japanese font support

Fixed auto-shrink text issues.
Hid internal variables from view when used with certain screen resolutions.
Added fade out effect to items/npc texts.
Tweaked fade-out code.

Alternative sneak now compatible with all resolutions.
Re-tweaked fade-out code.

You dont need to download all files, just pick the one that suits you.

Thanks to those who downloaded and endorsed.