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Adds a Female Follower to your world of Skyrim!

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[size=8]Victoria The Slayer

A female downscaled follower (0.9)
Two Handed, Archery and Magic Combat Style
She is marriable
She is not essential
2H trainer
She will Auto-Level with the player
She is born as an Imperial
You will find her in the Bannered Mare
It requires my Oblivion Hair Pack!

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UNP Body

1.2 Now she is a Two Handed Trainer
1.1.1 Added a new style and fixed Whiterun loading screen freeze
1.1 Now compatible with Lunari Race installed (before, the loading screen froze when loading a savegame) and added more items to inventory
1.0 Initial release

1. Download the mod with the NexusModManager
2. Activate it with it and overwrite if asked ( but normally you dont have to)
3. Check if the ESP file is checked in your Plugins-List (I'm sure the most of you know)
4. Enjoy your new follower!

1. Download the mod manually to your PC
2. Extract the archive with any Compression tool (eg. Winrar, 7Zip..)
3. Drop the files in the DATA folder of your Skyrim directory and overwrite if asked
4. Activate the ESP file in your Skyrim Launcher
5. Enjoy the game without annoying shiny hair!

If you have any requests or suggestions, they are welcome :)


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