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Last updated at 13:51, 1 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 13:49, 1 Sep 2012

By Revoith

After a very long time , i decided to do some mods again.

That mod simply changes the texture of "Blade Of Woe".

So there are few things about that Blood-thirsty dagger:

1. You can forge it now at any forge in skyrim

2. You can temper it now at any Tempering Whhels in skyrim.

3. It comes unenchanted , so you can put your own enchant.

4. You need to have the perk "Arcane Smithing" to forge that death-tool.

5. The Real one still stands the same attributes like before but just texture is the new.

6. You need some "special material" to forge the dagger...

7. Sorry for the bad english ( Turkish Style )

8. Sorry for bad quality screenshots ( I play skyrim with a pc that i bought to play "Oblivion" in the past. Makes me play Oblivon in Ultra graphs but not skyrim)

9. If you still play "OBLIVION" take a look at the mod that i did before : "Revoiths Ranger Set" -- Some ranger stuff..

10. Everybody can use that mod in any way. But of course i would like to see improvements on that. So after finishing your work with that, please inform ;)

11 . ENJOY!!!!!