DFB - Disabled Woodchop Anim by Darkfirebird
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Added: 01/09/2012 - 02:57AM
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= DFB - Disabled Woodchop Anim

Author: Darkfirebird
Included source for those who want it.

-Removes the long animation for wood cutting. ( Only affects Player. Or should just affect Player. )

= Description =
-This mod changes the script for the wood cutting by changing out the animation sequence to just allow ya to tap at it.
Really did not like standing there for a long while. So changed it to be quicker and more interesting overall.

Changes: Just the script call for animation to nothing by changing the calls to just give items.

Enjoy this small edit.

= Installation =
Copy Scripts/resourcefurniturescript.pex to your Data/Scripts folder.

To uninstall, delete resourcefurniturescript.pex.

= Notes =
-Ignores NPCs if they are using it. Not a really big bug, but still a note.

=Version History=
=Version 1.0=
+Initial Release