Frozen Ice Armor by Deandra
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Ice Armor
This mod adds heavy Ice Armor to the game.

This armor is NOT a replacer. It will not affect any other armor you have in your game.

Armor pieces can be tempered by using Frost Salts.

There are two cuirasses included. The "Frozen Ice Armor" in enchanted with health, fire resistance, and an effect that gives off a blue fog. The other, "Ice Armor" is unenchanted, for if you want to customize the enchantment, or if the blue fog annoys you.

Find the armor by finding the shrine of Dibella in The Pale. It can be found up on a hill to the southeast of Windward Ruins (or go directly south from Dawnstar). Linde Frozen-Heart is wearing the set of armor, and she is aggressive!

Known Issues
Sometimes, due to the layered textures and effects, the armor might look totally black. This should fix itself if you shift between 3rd person and 1st person view, or if you enter a different cell. Unfortunately there's not much I can do to prevent this issue without sacrificing the appearance.

If you have the enchanted version of the cuirass equipped (with the blue fog) and then remove the mod, your character may find themselves still surrounded by the magical effect. This can be avoided by unequipping the armor before you uninstall the mod.

I don't know of any conflicts with other mods.

Version History
Added a helmet

2x Cuirasses, a circlet, gauntlets, and boots added to Linde Frozen-Heart
Tempering recipes

Installation Instructions:
If you're doing this manually, extract all files into Skyrim's Data folder (for me, that's under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data). If you already have existing meshes and textures folders, click Yes or Yes to All when it prompts you whether you want to copy the files into them.

All work was done by Deandra (aka Merilia on this site). The idea was from Weasel at the UESP forums.

This mod was featured in a review by Olivier: