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Adds an Aetherial sword and greatsword to the aetherium forge.

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If you like shiny stuff in general, check out my Treasure Crafting mod as well! :D

Thank you to all you people who have supported this mod and provided with both feedback, endorsments and even reviews! It is very encouraging to make more and improve the content with all the positive and creative feedback!

Thank you!


With dawnguard there is a place called the aetherium forge, this mod adds five aetherium ingots to the forge that you can use to craft; aetherium warhammer, hammer, sword and greatsword.

Note that crating the custom aetherium artifacs does not complete the aetherium forging quest, you need to vraft one of the three default aetherial artifacts.

Aetherium Armor and Weapons Compilation - REQUIRES DAWNGUARD

This package combines the AetheriumSwords and DwarvenPowerArmor to one package with a twist. DO NOT USE either mod WITH this one, just use this one instead.


You will find aetherium ore scattered around dwemer ruins, especially around store houses. You will be able to smelt down the ore at the aetherium forge to aetherium ingots which in turn you can use to craft aetherium items.

Power Armor:

This still exists and you will need the Ancient Knowledge perk to be able to forge it, however you will need to go to the aetherium forge in order to craft it now.

Blank Items:

There now exists blank variations of all the power armor parts and the aetherium swords that you can craft, instead of the already enchanted ones.