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Added: 30/08/2012 - 09:11PM
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Last updated at 21:19, 30 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 21:11, 30 Aug 2012

Sylvia Tattoo set 1.0

Moders resource .dds files for tattoo or tattooed face textures creation
Contains 8 HD 1024x1024 tattoo designs in .dds format.
Check screenshots for detail.
Contains a testing .esp for use on nords, check with CK to see how it works.
More designs to come later.

Don't get tricked by the file size, after unpacking each .dds has cca 4MB

If you wonder why "Sylvia" its coz that's the name of my NPC testing model that i just found in one of my backup folders unfinished and never released
for the last half year. (you can see her on screenshots)

If you want to have a specific design link me or sent me a .png image of it when requesting (note: i do forehead only)
But make sure its not in conflict with its copyright when using it for a mod uploaded to nexus.
Ill not take any responsibility if you sent or link me a copyrighted design.

Free to use moders resource.
Use the resources for your mods, convert, update, improve them etc. as much as you like.
You can use them for your mods that you upload on any Skyrim moding site.

There is NO need to ask me for permission, credits and informing me that you use them will be enough.

The Syrim and Oblivion logo are Bethesda's all other designs are my own.

Have fun and don't forget to endorse if you like it (the range of tattoos will grow depending on popularity)

So track this file in case more stuff/updates will show up.

This is my first texture mod so please by kind in your comments.
My follower mods (what's left on nexus): just click on a picture for the link

Sylvia's tattoo set moders resource:

Easy NPC creation tutorial:


Thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim and for a broken, still not fixed Creation Kit
And for the lovely Skyrim and Oblivion logos.

Biggest Thanks goes to all the patient moders out there who delivered all the great mods i keep downloading.

BravoOskar 23/September/2012