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Last updated at 5:30, 7 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 5:40, 30 Aug 2012


This is a patch for Girls of Skyrim (Amanda, Lyla, Michelle and Misha) that incorporates various requests from Nexus members. Here are the changes:
  • Different voices
  • Different heights and weights (i.e. chest size)
  • Lowered stat bonuses
  • Fewer perks (each girl has 8 points spent)
  • Different starting clothes (should fix buggy armor that can't be removed)
  • Removed Misha's body scars
  • Removed Misha's war paint (with optional download to put it back in)
  • Removed Lyla's underwear model
  • Hair fixes

NO faces or hair styles have been changed.

There is also a separate STANDALONE patch for Alexina and Stella as followers. They both have UNP bodies (in the regular version with custom meshes).


To install the Variety Patch for Amanda, Lyla, Michelle and Misha:
  1. INSTALL Girls of Skyrim - All-in-One by basskimm.
  2. Install the Variety Patch. If installing manually, be sure to overwrite all files.
  3. NMM: When it asks you if you want to overwrite files, select "Yes to All".
  4. If you already had the original Girls of Skyrim mod installed, you may have to start a new game or reset the mod (see FAQ below) to see all changes.

To install Alexina and Stella as Followers:
  1. Go to the Downloads section and get Alexina and Stella as Followers (regular OR space-saver version).
  2. Install it. It does not require Girls of Skyrim or the Variety Patch (but can be used together, of course).


For Variety Patch (regular version):
Just the original Girls of Skyrim mod! All required meshes and textures are included.

For Alexina and Stella as Followers (regular version):

For the Space-Saver versions (both):
NONE, but the body meshes and textures aren't custom anymore so it will use the default female body. I recommend installing either UNP or CBBE body mods. Personally, I use BodySlide and Outfit Studio with SG Textures Renewal UNP.


Thanks to SkyrimSpotlights for making the video!


1. Nothing changed after loading a save! Do I have to reset them?

Yes. Starting a new game is the easy way to reset them. However, you can also reset each girl like this (Michelle for example):

  1. Trade with each girl and remove all items that you want to keep (because they will lose them). They need to be a follower in order to do this.
  2. Dismiss all girls that are followers.
  3. Exit Skyrim.
  4. Disable Amanda.esp, Lyla.esp, Michelle.esp and Misha.esp (in NMM or under Data Files in the launcher).
  5. Start Skyrim and load your save game. Answer Yes when it says that some things are missing.
  6. After it loads, the girls will be gone.
  7. Make a NEW save (don't quick save).
  8. Exit Skyrim again.
  9. Enable the four .esp files again.
  10. Start Skyrim and load your save game (the one you just made).
  11. The girls should have reset and be at the Sleeping Giant Inn again.

Alternative method:

  1. Trade with each girl and remove all items that you want to keep (because they will lose them). They need to be a follower in order to do this.
  2. Dismiss all girls that are followers.
  3. If you are in the Sleeping Giant Inn, go outside.
  4. Open the console (~ key).
  5. Type: hlp amanda -- notice that's it's not "help"; hlp stands for "hot load plugin"
  6. Type: hlp lyla
  7. Type: hlp misha
  8. Type: hlp michelle
  9. Close the console (~ key).
  10. The girls should have reset and be at the Sleeping Giant Inn again.

NOTE: For some reason, hlp michelle causes my game to CTD if she's in the same room as I am. It only happens with Michelle. If this method causes your game to crash, try the first method instead.

2. Amanda, Michelle and Misha have a visible neck gap! How do I fix this?

You have to reset the girls. Read FAQ #1 above.

3. My game crashes a lot now! Is there a fix?

Having separate meshes and textures for each girl takes up a lot of memory (RAM or VRAM, I'm not sure - probably both). This can cause it to Crash To Desktop (CTD). If this happens, try disabling some of the girls (either in NMM or in the Data File section of the Skyrim launcher). Also, uninstall the FaceGen Fix, if you have it installed. As long as you don't have some really weird femalehead*.dds files, it should look almost exactly the same.

The "space-saver" version is now available! I also changed Alexina and Stella's huge 2048x2048 (16MB) face textures to 1024x1024 (4MB) ones. They look the exact same in game to me. I've also replaced these textures in the non-"space-saver" one (version 1.0.1).

4. The girls have purple faces and invisible arms/bodies! What happened?

  • Purple faces (or any other color) are caused by missing textures.
  • Invisible arms/bodies are caused by missing meshes.

These are the main causes:

1. If all 4 girls don't work:

2. If you installed manually:
  • You only extracted the .esp files and ignored the Data files. All files are required.
  • You extracted the Data files to the wrong place.

5. What ENB are you using in your screenshots?

I used A Realistic Hope ENB for the shot of the 6 girls, and Sharpshooters Extreme Graphics Vision ENB for the indoor shots of Stella and Alexina. Both ENBs are by sharpshooter8.

6. What armor are they wearing in your screenshots?

All of them are from Brokefoot UNP Mashup Compilation. From left to right (first screenshot):

  • Misha - Temptress
  • Michelle - Vicky
  • Lyla - Scamp
  • Amanda - Leah
  • Stella - Dandelion
  • Alexina - Khantu

7. How do I put those armors on them?

Here's the best "legit" method:

  1. Install the armor mods (e.g. Brokefoot UNP Mashup Compilation).
  2. Install UFO - Ultimate Follower Overhaul.
  3. Go to a forge and craft the armors.
  4. Ask a girl to be your follower.
  5. Talk to the girl and select "You know..."
  6. Select "You could dress better." This moves hidden armor to regular inventory. She will disappear and reappear with the changes.
  7. You can now remove the default outfit. Trade and give the armors to her.

8. Can I put those armors on them without installing UFO?

Yes. The buggy armor was removed, so this should work fine now:

  1. Install the armor mods (e.g. Brokefoot UNP Mashup Compilation).
  2. Ask a girl to be your follower.
  3. Go to a forge and craft the armors.
  4. Trade with her and give her the armor.
  5. Dismiss her as a follower if you want to put armor on another girl.

9. Can I put those armors on them without having to craft them?

Yes, you can use console commands. Note that the console key varies depending on what kind of keyboard you have (UESPWiki - Skyrim:Console is a good reference). Here's how you do it:

  1. Ask a girl to be your follower.
  2. Open the console.
  3. Type: help vicky (or khantu, scamp, etc.) This gives a list of matches. Use double quotes if there are spaces (e.g. help "vicky's boots")
  4. Click on the girl so that the RefID like "(xx000D73) shows up.
  5. Type: additem xxxxxxxx 1 where xxxxxxxx is an item ID given by the help command.
  6. Repeat the previous step for each item.

10. Why does Lyla's chest look weird after putting on the armor?

Lyla has a CBBE body, and Brokefoot's armors are for a UNP body. I fixed this by copying Michelle's body meshes and textures (body, hands and feet) over top of Lyla's in my own game. The space-saver versions also take care of this problem, as long as you use the matching body mod.

11. Why does their skin look so dirty after installing the space-saver version?

This is the default body texture. I suggest installing either UNP or CBBE body mods.

12. I've LOST one of my followers! How do I get her back?

If you dismiss a follower or ask a follower to live with you, they will actually WALK all the way there. If you try to fast travel to the destination, then you'll probably get there BEFORE they do! It's a good idea to fast travel with your follower first, THEN dismiss or ask them to live with you.

If they're lost, try opening the console (press ~) and typing (for example):
help misha

There should be a line like this:
[_NPC]: xx000D71 'Misha'

If there's no line like that, then Misha isn't even loaded. If there is, then we can see if we can find her. Type:
prid xx000D73 -- where xx is the number from above (NOTE that it's D73, not D71)
moveto player -- to move her to you
- OR -
player.moveto xx000D73 -- to move to her instead

The prid command selects the current instance of Misha. If you get an error, then no instance of Misha has been created. The moveto command should move her to you, from wherever she is.

If no instance of Misha exists, you can try spawning a new one. Type:
player.placeatme xx000D71 1 -- Note that it's D71 this time.

What's the difference between D71 and D73?
  • xx000D71 is the BaseID. This is the base object that Misha is created from. There is only one of these for each girl.
  • xx000D73 is the RefID. This is a reference to the current instance of Misha. If you spawn more than one Misha, they will have different RefIDs. Also, if you spawn one, her RefID will NOT be xx000D73 (even if she somehow get deleted).

13. Where are Stella and Alexina?

Go to the Download section. It is a separate addon.

14. Can I install Stella and Alexina without Girls of Skyrim - All-in-One?

Yes! If you don't want Amanda, Lyla, Michelle or Misha, then neither the original mod nor the variety patch are required.


Variety Patch:
1.0 - First release

Variety Patch Space-Saver Version:
1.0 - First release

Alexina and Stella as Followers:
1.0 - First release
1.0.1 - Replaced 2048x2048 face textures with 1024x1024 textures to save VRAM. No noticeable in-game difference.

Alexina and Stella as Followers Space-Saver Version:
1.0 - First release. Uses 1024x1024 face textures (same as regular version 1.0.1).


Thank you to basskimm for creating this wonderful mod, and for allowing me to create a patch.

Thanks to SkyrimSpotlights for making a spotlight video.