Atari - Husky follower without armor by Avloecx
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~UPDATE! latest version: v1.31
~Dawnguard DLC required!
~If you have UFO installed, make sure to put "UFO" and the "UFO dawnguard patch" after "Atari" in the load order!

UFO as long as you load UFO and the UFO dawnguard patch after you load atari

This mod adds a follower by the name Atari, a Husky. With 3 dialogue options: "Wait here.", "Follow me." and "It's time for you to head home."
He is essential, so you won't lose him fighting by your side:) Also, you can use him without being a Dawnguard, and you can use him while being a Vampire!
(You can get an armored husky by following the Dawnguard questline).

You can find him in the inn: Dead Man's Drink, which is located in the center of Falkreath.

Some more pics:

Hope you enjoy your new friend!

I'd like to give a big thanks to DarkPhoenixxy, who helped me out fixing the bugs.
Check his work here: DarkPhoenixxy.

Also a thanks to Aenkill, for making these beautiful screenshots!

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