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Version 2
Shout Fixed
Added Spell Tomes to Feran's Shop Also Moved Chest Location if you are still having trouble seeing them.
Added A few more spell and a shout Which will be learned by a DoomStone inside the castle
Perks In the Vampire Lord Form
Call of Night: allows you to use the shout
Night Cloak: Gives you a cloak in Human form that heals and does damage
Spell Tome: DrainLife
Spell Tome: Blood Cloud
Spell Tome: Abominations
Will Add more stuff later been busy.

Update Video
Blood Magic Evolved update 1.5
• Blood Drain
o Damage is reduced but it is still strong (not too overpowered)
• Blood Curse
o Reduced paralyze duration to about 9 seconds (it was about 2 minutes before)
• Blood Grip
o Increased damage done by this spell
• Blood Spike
o New spell (like Serana uses but WAY BETETR) spell has chance to instantly skill some people (depends on Frost resistance) Also has a chance to paralyze, slow, and stagger.
o You can rapid fire this (see video)
• Perk Blood Bounding
o Allows you to conjure ebony dagger damage is 32 so it’s not too strong (but as a vampire fighting in day time THIS Will SAVE your LIFE)
o Restores Health, Magicka, and Stamina (for use During the Day)
• Perk Superiority Rank 1
o Allows you to summon Vampire Master (very powerful)
• Superiority Rank 2
o Allows you to summon Vampire Lord your other Half (also very powerful)
• Masters of Undead
o Don’t worry about this (unless you know how to create a new shout spell then I could really use your help)

Blood Magic Evolved:
Adds all the Primary Vampire Blood Magic skills to your Human form. Everything is standard except for some few changes here and there.

Note* you can dual cast some of these skills by going in their respective trees and adding the perk dual casting. Example Drain Life was added to the Destruction menu so if you add the destruction dual cast perk you will be able to dual cast it and so on.

Note 2* You won’t be able to use These skills if you do not have the perk. For example Vampric Grip you can learn the skill and you can see the animation of using it but until you actually have the perk it won’t work. This goes for the rest of the skills.

• Vampric Grip
o Pull a creature towards you while doing choke damage release spell to send enemies flying
• Summon Gargoyle
o Summons standard Gargoyle (with rank 2 Summons Gargoyle Sentinel much stronger)
• Corpse Curse
o Paralyzes target for 10 seconds also has a little A.O.E radius
• Drain Life (Over Powered)
o Much stronger than Vampire Lord Drain but also adds to Vampire Lord Perk tree while in human form.
• Raise Dead
o Much Stronger than Vampire Lord Reanimate. You can resurrect much stronger beings. (With Master of Undead you can reanimate for longer periods and have 2 at your command)
Also adds three new Vampire Lord Perks into the Game and Modifies one.
• Master of Undead Rank 1
o Your reanimated minions live longer and do a little bit more damage.
• Master of Undead Rank 2
o You can now reanimate and control 2 undead beings. Gargoyles included.( 2 Gargoyle sentinels)
• Summon Gargoyle Rank 2
o Allows you to summon a stronger gargoyle (Gargoyle Sentinel)
• Unearthly Will
o Now slightly increased damage done in Vampire Lord mode by just a little

To obtain these skills you have to have Dawnguard and they are located in a chest behind the Blood Fountain in the room where you learned about your Vampire Lord Powers. Also I tried creating a dagger that would allow you to Banish your summoned creatures if the stayed too long but that failed. (If someone could help I would appreciate. I just started using the creation kit. *PS the dagger is still in the chest and it doesn’t lose charge)

Just drag BloodDrain.esp into your data folder and you are all set.

If there are any bugs please let me know

It is compatible with Better Vampires by Brehanin 5_51
I'm not sure about Royal Blood by xyks