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Added: 29/08/2012 - 05:51PM
Updated: 29/08/2012 - 05:52PM

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Last updated at 17:52, 29 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 17:51, 29 Aug 2012

This "mod" is to use as a modder resource. It provides new functions that should make life easier for some of us. Please, don't upload it anywhere; make it a requirement for your mods.
Those functions are based on vanilla functions and do not need SKSE to work. It can help you to shorten your scripts without using properties. The only requirement is the latest Skyrim patch.

New functions and descriptions:

* Int Function RewardGold(ObjectReference rObject, int Amount, bool bSilent)
Gives the specified amount of gold to this reference. Three parameters:
rObject - the reference that will get the gold
Amount - the amount of gold
bSilent (optional, default = false) - if true, no message will pop-up if the gold has been added to the player.
Example: RewardGold(BobRef,200) ; adds 200 gold to Bob.

* Bool Function IsPlayerVampire()
Returns true if the player is a vampire.

* Bool Function CanPlayerShout()
Returns true if the player can shout, false if he/she has not learnt to shout yet.

* Bool Function IsPlayerWereWolf()
Returns true if the player is a Werewolf, false otherwise.

* Bool Function IsPlayerCannibal()
Returns true if the player is a cannibal, false otherwise.

* Race Function GetLastMountRace()
Returns the race if the player's last mount.
if GetLastMountRace() == DragonRace
; my mount is a badass dragon!

* Int Function GetPlayerAllegiance()
Returns the player's allegiance during the Civil War.
1 = Imperial
2= StormCloaks

* Actor Function GetJarl(string Hold)
Returns the current Jarl for the specified capital.
Valid parameters:

New functions may come later.