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This is a magnificent lore friendly basement for Breezehome, worthy of the title "Thane" Complete with it's own quest and dungeon.
The quest is a "non activatible" quest, it is a clue following quest, so it will not activate anything. You must listen and follow clues to find the location of the dungeon that leads to the outside entrance to the basement.
It is geared towards immersive players who like a challenge, it is not an easy quest to be sure.
Unlocking the basement using console will not break the quest in any way! But it's not easy to do, he, he, he! It was made this way intentionally in case the dungeon proves to be to difficult for some. You can complete the dungeon and quest at any time. But you will not have the key to unlock everything in the basement unless you complete the dungeon!
For those of you who want or need some help there is a hidden cache in which I will disclose it's location at the bottom of this description, because it
will be a SPOILER.
This mod has been fully cleaned with TES5Edit and tested with 190+ mods.



You will find a letter at the basement hatch from someone who knows how to get into the basement and you and he must find clues to the whereabouts of the previous Thane to gain entry to the Old abandoned Smuggler's tunnels. Unfortunately, all who delve into the old tunnels never return.
Strange noises are heard coming from the old well and no one knows what became of the old smugglers. One day the black market supply coming into Whiterun just suddenly ceased and the Jarl took all the credit for vanquishing the smugglers and cleaning up Whiterun.
But it is said that a terrible curse befell the smugglers because they dug through and desecrated ancient graves just to get their tunnels dug.
At midday a horrible unbearable stench emanates from the old well. Perhaps the smugglers are all dead!


The door is under the stairs in Breezehome hidden under some hay alone with a letter to start the quest because the door will be locked.

1. This should work fine with NMM.
2. Manual download- Extract the files to a temporary location. Copy the files to \Skyrim\Data\ or steam steamapps\common\skyrim\Data


1. Remove all your stuff out of Thanes Basement and the dungeon home too. Then, in data files, Uncheck and delete.
If you need to delete everything that came with this mod then do this.... examine the contents of the whole mod folder and delete all
the corresponding files.
2. Or use NMM


Shouldn't be incompatible with any other mods as of yet, unless maybe if there was a door in the same place as the basement-door is. It's located under the stairs hidden under some hay.
Was tested with 190+ mods,

Issues or Bugs

None, Fully tested.
It can be a little hard to retrieve weapons from a couple of plaques on the walls for some reason I don't know why this is. But it's not a biggy,
just type TCL in the console, retrieve weapons and then type TCL again when done.
When you first enter the basement the weapons will fall off plaques the first time but it NEVER happens again, don't know why this is either.

If you have the none voice bug than do this... When you first load, save, then load your save. Then save again, then load that save. And everything should work properly including the voice.

Authors Notes

1. Sorry I know there is a lot of Breezehome basement mods out there but this one is the best in my opinion. I only choose Breezehome because
I like it and it's the only home I own at the moment, hope you agree.

2. Like I said this is my first quest mod so please let me know how you like it and what I can improve or any suggestions for my future
references. Thanks. Hope you like it!

3. Sorry, the "Chess Game" does not function at the moment but I will attempt the scripting for it again sometime in the future. The scripting for
it is a real pain in the arse! In fact I have to use an outside simple chess program and somehow implement it into the game! Way beyond my noodle! But I will still try. Some help with this will be nice wouldn't it?
Sorry about my shite voice acting. I will do better soon, I needed to take a break. It's just a few lines though.

4. This mod has been fully Cleaned with TES5Edit and tested with 190+ mods!


Contact me

KnightRangersGuild on Skyrimnexus or [email protected]


Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
Thanks to Paintings and Frames by Artisanix for letting me use these wonderful frames...

Tools Used

Skyrim Creation Kit, lot's of coffee, cigarettes, beer, bottle of Johnny Walker blue label, some Argonian marshweed and my brilliant imagination.


This mod utilizes a lot of static meshes to create certain looks and effects, if you use some of my idea's, please give me the credit for the idea's and maybe a link to my mod. Thank you, hope you like it but I know you will.


For Loners or for Players of a lower lvl and for cheaters. I do encourage you to at least try to complete the quest at some point as it is very fun and you get a lot of money and great rewards!
You can bypass the quest if you so desire using the console to unlock the hatch and use the basement. It will not break the quest in any way and you can try the quest at any time!

Anyway, here it is...There is a hidden Smuggler's cashe at the beginning of the dungeon at the "Old Well" near Chillfurrow farm, just outside of Whiterun, there is a dead tree nearby... look at the very bottom of the tree towards the water and look down. You should be able to see the words but not the actual cashe because it's invisible.
But, inside will be some goodies to help you complete the dungeon. Be warned, this quest will still prove difficult even with the help cashe. It only took me 22 tries, at a lvl 14 with 4 companions, lol.
Good luck! Ha, ha, ha,ha....!!!