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Last updated at 16:55, 8 Sep 2012 Uploaded at 22:58, 28 Aug 2012

This mod adds Castle Orlok - an immense and carefully furnished player owned vampire castle to the south of Falkreath. It can be reached via the Map Marker, or by taking the route past Angi's camp. The mod also features a mini quest, which lets you find out what happened before your arrival at the castle, and three spells (Supernatural reflexes, Mistform, and Vampiric grip, which you can now access without the Vampire Lord form)


The mod author MeatBagWammo has found a fix for this issue, and has allowed me to refer you to the mod. You can find it at:
I have already tested it, and it works great.

* Ecooooooooo continued work on the mod, so be sure to check out his version at:

* This mod requires the Dawnguard DLC to function.

* If the quest doesn't start for some reason, just type this into your console: setstage modgsq01 10 ... if it still won't work, follow the "Pieces of the Puzzle" walkthrough in the Walkthrough section at the bottom of the page.

* Tricky Pullbar/chain locations: For Foyer and Library grates: in the Foyer (next to the fireplace). Just for foyer grate: in the corridor, to the left of the foyer: Just for library grates: In the library (hidden left of the fireplace), and in the corridor, to the right of the foyer. For thrall Jail: Next to grate, and in Igor's quarters. Also, the mausoleum handle is a bit rusty and needs to be turned twice. Library fireplace can be activated through the candlestick lever on it's left. Master bedroom fireplace can be activated through the lever in the secret wardrobe to the left of the bed. Pull chain for the main outer grate found in the Guard Tower near the castle.

*Basement now accessible through secret fireplace entrance (library).


First floor
  • Entry Foyer,
  • Library,
  • Dining Room,
  • Kitchen,
  • Pantry,
  • Servant quarters,
  • Armory (7 Mannequins, 6 Display Cases, 6 Dagger Display Cases),
  • Salon,
  • Laboratory,
  • Dilapidated chapel, Old priest's quarters, Embalment room,
  • NPCs: Mina, Camilla,(vampire brides), Janus (house guest), Sebastian (a magic vendor), an imperial courier, five servants, and a cook

Basement(accessible via the secret fireplace entrance from the library)
  • Interior garden (equipped with laboratory),
  • Smithy, (along with a smelter, workbench and weapon sharpening wheel),
  • Treasury,
  • Thrall prison,
  • Torture chamber,
  • Resting places for the resident vampires,
  • Igor's quarters,
  • NPCs: Igor (arms and armor vendor), Venlen (apothecary vendor), Nine murderers (thralls)

Upper Floor
  • Master bedroom (fireplace leads to connection with throne room and escape route),
  • Guest bedroom,
  • Follower bedroom,
  • Storage space (room for future updates),
  • Escape route
  • NPCs: Two servants

Tower (reachable from the Upper floor)
  • Open space - Throne room, Study, Enchanter, Alchemy Lab,
  • Access to balcony with an epic view of Skyrim and the Jerall mountains
  • Trone (with correct sitting animation)
  • Council Table (With three new vampire spells!)
  • Secret passage connecting Throne room with Master bedroom and Escape route
  • NPCs: Marius (Steward), Lucia (Vampire bride), Amelia (court attendant), Adrian (court attendant), Alegra (court attendant), Servant

  • Tombs and main chamber for backstory
  • A skelleton named Aloisius,
  • In the main chamber - Orloggsbane (a special sword, similar to the one that Lord Harkon owns.)

Exterior Guard Tower and Barracks
  • Guard tower with pull chain for front gate,
  • Guard barracks with sleaping quarters, living quarters/bar, and an armory.

  • Completely NavMeshed (follower friendly),
  • Amazing location,
  • A backstory (as revealed by playing the mini quest),
  • The escape route brings the player to an unmarked location near falkreath,
  • There be easter eggs

Update Log

-Version 3.6.1
-Added guard barracks
-Cleaned up guard tower (no spiders or webs)
-Minor fixes and improvements
-Version 3.6
-Fixed mechanical sound bug
-Version 3.5.5
-Fixed Elevator sound bug
-Sebastian's note fix
-Chapel wall fix
-Grate opened through Abandoned guard tower pull chain.
-Version 3.5
-Added a Main floor - basement elevator
-The mod now recognizes the player's name and gender
-Added fog to exterior
-Added abandoned watchtower
-NavMesh improvements
-Aestetical improvements
-Version 3.4
-Added escape route,
-Better first floor - basement connection,
-Exterior grate functioning
-Escape route to unmarked location near Falkreath
-Version 3.3.5
-Fixed NavMesh in the chapel
-Added music to the catacombs
-Version 3.3
-Added a dilapidated chapel to Akatosh
-Added catacombs/mausoleum (with Orloggsbane in the main chamber)
-Usable grates
-Minor improvements
-Version 3.2
- Added tables to the tower
- Added display cases
- More servants
- Minor aesthetical changes
-Version 3.1
-New vampire spells for non-vampire lord form use (Vampiric grip, Mist form, Supernatural reflexes)
- Council table is back (spells tomes are found on this table)
- Throne animation fixed
- New NPCs (Adrian, Alegra, Servant)
-Version 3.0
-Fixed the voice bug (2.9 was a file mixup)
-Version 2.9
- Fixed voice bug
- Minor improvements
-Version 2.8
- Improved the Throne room (added tables, NPCs, and added a secret passage that connects it with the master bedroom
- More NPCs
- Aesthetical improvements
- More Mannequins
-Version 2.7
-Changed Council chamber to Throne room
-Fixed NavMesh issues
-Fixed stair and wall displacement issues
-Other minor improvements
-Version 2.6
-Added new level (Council Tower)
-Added Balcony
-Fixed the Exterior NavMesh bug from 2.5
-Version 2.5
-First attempt at fixing the dark face bug. Requesting feedback
-Version 2.4
-Fixed certain quest details, other minor improvements
-Version 2.3 - With Quest!-
-Adds the quest "Pieces of the Puzzle", which starts automatically once you start your game. In it, you get to find out the events that caused your guests Janus and Mina to visit you.
-I've also fixed the NavMesh bug of the room to the right of the foyer. Followers should be able to go there now.
-Version 2.2
- Refurbished one of the old upper floor storage rooms into a follower bedroom, that also features a hidden resting place for any vampire followers you might have.
-Version 2.1
- Fixed the interior cell transition bugs (followers can now use all doors in and out of all cells of the castle)
-Version 2.0
- Follower friendly - followers can now enter the keep
- Improved some of the exterior NavMesh
-Version 1.9
- Improved the exterior of the castle - added cliffs, removed floating rocks glitch
- Thralls are now essential, so that they do not get killed when fed on whilst having certain mods installed
- Minor changes
-Version 1.8
- Added more servants
- Improved exterior NavMesh
- Minor improvements
-Version 1.7
- Added collision to black screens (you should no longer fall of the map at cell transition)
- Added blacksmith storage, alchemy storage to the interior garden in the basement), and weapon storage to the armory
- Made other minor fixes
-Version 1.6
- Added a smelter, accessible from the room with the smithy
- Fixed the treasury safe bug
- Minor improvements
-Version 1.5
- Added a treasury with a safe to the basement
- Library display case improvements
- Placed prisoner cots to the jail
-Version 1.4
- Fixed the Mage Vendor in the main floor laboratory, he should sell now.
- Fixed the carriage horse displacement bug
- Minor improvements
-Version 1.3
- Same as 1.2, just that I've fixed the bug where the jail thralls would not appear.
-Version 1.2-
Overall: Improved the NavMesh, fixed load door backgrounds, some minor fixes and improvements
First Floor: Added a mage vendor to the laboratory
Basement: Added an interior garden carved into the cave, along with a small alchemy station and an apothecary vendor, also near Igor's quarters, a smity, tanning rack, armor workbench, sharpening wheel, and made Igor an arms and armor vendor.


Pieces of the Puzzle


Thank you for downloading the mod. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them in the comment section. I will try to work with as many as I can.