About this mod

Adds a simple, playable lute to the game which you can buy from a general merchant. Great for immersion and totally \"idiot-proof\"!

Permissions and credits

Visit a general trader and purchase a "Bard's Lute". This is listed under "Apparel" and is especially great when you hotkey it.

Now you are ready to start playing music whenever you want by simply activating/equipping the lute!

Your character will play for 30 seconds. The music played will be a random choice from a list of four pieces. The pieces are from the vanilla game (the ones which the bards play), edited to sound less "studio" and more "there".

It should be completely "idiot-proof", and even temporarily puts you into god mode so you cannot be killed whilst playing. God mode will automatically be removed as soon as you stop playing. The game's music will also be temporarily muted whilst you play, and automatically unmuted when you stop playing.

A brain and the ability to use it when installing mods.

The ability to detect the occasional intended humour whilst reading this :)

I have been playing with this for a while to make sure there are no long-term problems, and I honestly have not come across any yet.

As far as I can see, there is NO save bloating.

This mod DID NOT nuke your saves, it DID NOT blow up your computer, it DID NOT run over your cat, and it certainly DID NOT do unpleasant things to your sister/mother/daughter.

Don't try to say it did. It was me that did it.

In all seriousness, don't have a go at me if your saves are somehow affected and you didn't bother to back them up before installing...

You can use this in one of your own mods as long as you follow these rules:

1) Credit me. Remind the world of what a genius I am.

2) Do not upload it anywhere other than here. Most file-hosting sites earn profit from hosting files, and I am very much against any form of monetisation of mods. This part is completely serious :)

3) Tell me about it and give me a link so I can see how much you ruined my idea.

A big thanks to Bethesda Softworks for making this fantastic game!

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