Elemental Daedric Swords by Senlur
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Added: 27/08/2012 - 08:51AM
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Last updated at 3:00, 14 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 8:51, 27 Aug 2012

Elemental Daedric Swords v1.5 (Requires Dawnguard)

What this mod adds:

3 new types of 1-handed Daedric Swords to the crafting list (requires Daedric smithing perk):

Fiery Daedric Sword
Frozen Daedric Sword
Electric Daedric Sword

All 3 swords have the same stats as the basic Daedric Sword and can be smithed up to the same level. The recipes for each are the

same as the normal Daedric Sword recipe with the addition of 1 elemental salt (fire,frost,void) for each weapon.

What's different about them? Each of the 3 blades has an elemental effect on them that makes them really stand out. These aren't

just weapon skin effects, they're full-on flames/ice/bolts jumping off the blades. After making them you can enchant them however

they want and they'll not only keep their standard elemental effects on them but they'll also gain the normal vanilla weapon skin

upgrades for enchant weapons (runes on the blades, etc).

In version 1.5 I have added 3 new Daedric Bows with the same style effects on them as well, also craftable from in the same

manner. I'm keeping this as a different downloadable esp file just in case you don't want the bows or swords (but one or the



Installation instructions(Swords):

RLGElementalDaedric.esp <------------- This goes to Skyrim\data

RLGElectricDaedricSword.nif <--------- This goes to Skyrim\data\meshes\weapons\RLG
RLGFieryDaedricSword.nif <--------- This goes to Skyrim\data\meshes\weapons\RLG
RLGFrozenDaedricSword.nif <--------- This goes to Skyrim\data\meshes\weapons\RLG

Installation instructions(Bows):

RLGElementalBows.esp <------------- This goes to Skyrim\data

RLGElectricDaedricBow.nif <--------- This goes to Skyrim\data\meshes\weapons\RLG
RLGFieryDaedricBow.nif <--------- This goes to Skyrim\data\meshes\weapons\RLG
RLGFrozenDaedricBow.nif <--------- This goes to Skyrim\data\meshes\weapons\RLG

Then just head to any forge and start crafting!