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The Elder Scrolls games have always had a bit of a problem supporting those of us who want to play something beyond the generic "fireball launcher" type of mage. I was hoping there would be some darker aspects to Skyrim's magic system, particularly in the destruction school. Besides the necromancy spells and the dremora lord summon, this doesn't seem to be the case.

So I started making my own evil spells.

****The Spells****

Right now this mod includes:

Shadowbolt: A master level destruction spell that does a large amount of damage and ignores magical and physical barriers.

Soul Steal: Master level destruction spell that drains life and steals souls in the vein of Shang Tsung from Mortal Kombat.

Call Bound Dremora Lord: It didn't make a whole lot of sense to me that a spell like this wasn't included, so I made one for myself. These guys should function just like the vanilla thrall spells, except they're, you know, awesome. Conjuration spell, obvi. 

Fel Flames: A stronger, green version of the flames spell. Doesn't change the vanilla flame textures for anything. Destruction, obvi.


All four of these can be found in a safe down near the atronach forge in the Midden at the College of Winterhold. I'll probably end up moving them somewhere else later if I keep going with this, but for now that's where they are.

I'm not sure how much I'm going to be expanding on this yet. Short on time, but not on ideas. There shouldn't be any conflicts between this mod and any others, as it doesn't mess with any vendor lists or anything like that. Just adds a couple spells, a couple spell tomes and a safe in the Midden.

With the magic mods I use, these spells are some of the strongest in the game. I did load it up and test it out without any magic mods, and they were still useful. I think the cost/damage ratio is pretty decent, but if you have suggestions feel free to suggest. All that being said, I play Skyrim because it lets me roleplay as a super-powerful demigod. Balance wasn't super high on the list.

Also, I don't know if it's just my computer, but both of these spells seem to send off some pretty bright white light. I'd like to get rid of this effect if possible. If you know how, please send me a message. Thanks.

This mod does require Dawnguard, as it uses a couple of its assets.


- If your Skull of Corruption starts acting weird, let me know. I noticed something strange with it, but I'm pretty sure it was another set of mods that were conflicting. In short, it stopped giving me the actual number of charges/dreams remaining and instead said something like "<.....> dreams remaining."

- The life steal spell seems to initiate the ranged kill cam before the target actually dies. Everything will go into slow motion, but the target will actually survive the kill cam. I have a feeling this is a problem with the way the game estimates how long a hostile npc has to live versus how fast the spell actually drains their life, but I'm not sure.

If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, I'd love to hear them.


I want to give a quick shout out to a few mods that I busted open so I could make this one. I've never made a mod before, so it was necessary for me to dissect a few other people's to see how the spell effects work. Please note that I didn't cut and paste anything from these mods. I just made note of the effects they were using for some of their spells when I built this one:

Requiem of Light and Dark- Chaos Spells for Skyrim - Darkforte186
Deadly Dragons Spells - 3jiou
sOy's Vampire Magic - sOy (I think this is Steam only)
Skyrim School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - phenderix


I also want to list off a few additional mods that I think suit the warlock/evil sorceror style of gameplay that I'm aiming for with this mod.

PsiKotics Necromancy Mod - PsiSoldier
Vile Art of Necromancy - AghnaarMareth
Apocalypse Spell Package - EnaiSiaion
Skyrim Monster Mod Conjuration Additions - Ironman5000