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Due to a lack of free time, i won't update the mod anymore. hope you understand.


Realistic Damages



SEE installation instructions!!!

author : GTurismo_GTR

Current version : 2.0

I spent a lot of time working on this mod and I manage to reach what I wanted to do : making the game more realistic/little more difficult and more impressive. I am thinking about other things that I could do with the CK so I will not update it anymore except to fix bugs that you could have noticed (after plenty of hours => no bug noticed).

To avoid problems with the mod, please READ this description. This should take a few minuts but could avoid a big waste of time while trying to find why it does NOT work

If you like my work, it would be great if you could ENDORSE =) =)

In order to have a more immersive game, check out Dangerous monster mod, Locational Damage, and Combat realism or others mod like these;),. My mod is fully compatible !

I do not allow you to modify or copy my mod, or to put it on other websites (steam workshop...). Please respect my choices.

I. Introduction

II. Requirements

III. Installation

IV. Upgrading

V. Compatibility


I. Introduction

This mod aims to improve the immersion in the game by increasing damages that weapons inflict. Since the 23rd of september, my mod is available in 2 versions :

Version 1.2
This version was released on the 27th of August. Weapons are a lot more powerful and you can kill or be killed most of the time in one strike. The game is now more immersive but also a lot more difficult. Bows are really powerful and that makes all the NPC's that use these really deadly.

Version 2.0
This new version reduces the power of the weapon. This makes all the weapon really deadly for the characters that do not use armors (all the citizen would die in a little strike;) but it is now a little more difficult to kill a npc with an armor (about 2-4 strikes). (Fights are now more interesting and more realistic. Finally, this version of the mod reduces automatically the damages of the bows , and affects already dawnguard weapons.) Let's take an example : A player that reached the level 81, with 100 in the skill "one handed" will have a iron dagger that inflicts about 100 damages. In the version 1.2, this weapon would inflict 350 damages.

In both versions compared to the vanilla game
In order to use all the weapons, and not to encounter overpowered weapon, I decided to reduce the gap between all these wepons. This list summarizes all the changes of the mod :

1 -- Changed weapons' damages (see screenshots).
a. Wepons are more effective.
b. Now a dagger is as powerful as a sword (but the range is different), maces and axes are a little les powerful than daggers and sword.
c. Longswords are more powerful than swords.
2 -- Changed the difference between all the weapons. (a daedric sword is not a lot more dangerous than an iron sword any more).
3 -- NPCs use the same weapons as before, but with the new damages.

BE CAREFUL : Weapons are now more dangerous. It means that your characters is more powerful, but NPC's are also more powerful. You can now kill in one shot, but they could also do it lol.

II. Requirements

You must use SKE Script extender.
It is important to use 1.6.89 version of Skyrim or a higher one.
The Nexus Mod Manager is RECOMMENDED for installing the mod.

I also recommend these mods :
Weapons of the third Ere Mos Edition
Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons Collection

To use the second version, I suppose that you must have the dawnguard plugin because this one changes the damages that crossbows... inflict. I am not sure of it, so if you do not have dawnguard, you can try but you know now that there exists risks ;)

III. Installation

First, to avoid any problem, make a backup of your saves and skyrim's main files. (Just to be sure^^)

To install the Version 2
First, be sure that you deleted the version 1.2 AND the dawnguard plugin! This is really important!!!! Then, download the version 2 with NMM, and that's it!

To install Dawnguard plugin
Just dowload it with NMM, or extract the esp file in your skyrim's data folder ;)

To install LOTR plugin
First, make a backup of your saves. Then delete the esp file from the previous mod. Finally, dowload the plugin, containing a new esp file changing the damages of these weapons and paste it in the folder "data", located in your skyrim main folder ;). Then play and enjoy ;)

To install Jaysus swords plugin
First, make a backup of your saves. Then dowload the esp file and paste it in the skyrim's "data" folder! Then enjoy ;)

With NMM (nexus mod manager)
Click "download with Manager", and after the download, check if the Realistic_damage.esp is ticked. Then play and enjoy ;)
If NMM wants you to upgrade the plugin or the main file of the mod during the installation, say NO!

Manual installation
Extract it to into the file data of your skyrim's main file.

IV. Upgrading

To upgrade, just delete the previous mod and download the latest version. Be sure to do it to avoid conflicts between the previous and the last version. If you upgrade one of the plugins available, just do the same as above.

If you use 1.2 and you want to upgrade to 2.0, please delete 1.2 and the dawnguard plugin!!!

V. Compatibility

I Use more than 30 mods, and i didn't encounter any problems. Anyway, I don't see why a conflict would appear because I didn't change any meshes or skins, just the weapons damages.

N.B : If you encounter any problem, please, send me a PM and I will try to answer as quick as possible!

Releases :

9th December : Version 2.0 realeased for both plugins!
23th September: Version 2.0 released. Now, I balanced the damages that weapons inflict to kill somebody in one strike if he does not wear any armors, but to kill him in 2-4 strikes if he does.
9th September : Plugin for dawnguard released! This plugin includes the dawnguard weapons' and I changed the damage of the bows to avoid overpowered bows.
31th August : Plugin for Jaysus sword released!
29th August : Plugin for LOTR mod released!
27th August 2012 : Version 1.1 release. Some bugs have been fixed and I modified weapons that I forgot, just like eduj, the shiv or poacher's axe!
26th August 2012 : First release.