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Goes well with:

Buy bows and arrows to imprint on particular animal so they consider you one of their own.
Ride Mammorhs, Horkers, Deer, Elk, Bears and Sabrecats.

Extract,enable,save,load, play.

Find an interior, save game.
Extract to data folder.
Enable in Original Game Launcher.
Wait 30 days (if you want most animals to be ridable)
Save, load, play.

1. How to imprint on an animal?
When going to imprint you must first weary the beast (lower it's health to 30hp or less).
Once the animal has been weakened enough, a hit from an appropriate bow and arrow(or two depending on animal) will fill it's bloodstream with a toxin so that it comes to regard the player as one of it's own.

2. How do I ride?
Come close to an animal and press E.

3. I can't ride XY animal.
If you started using the mod mid-game not all animals will be rideable. All will have an option, but only newly discovered creatures will be actually mountable.

4. I waited 30 days in an interior, but I still can't ride all animals.
Some animals will not respawn correctly. You can try typing recycleactor to kickstart them.
Or you can do the "roleplaye" thing and imagine not all animals can be ridden for they are all different.

5. I hit the XY animal with my last arrow and it was not imprinted to me.
Unfortunately last arrow will not work, you must always have one arrow equipped. It's a mod limitation, sorry.

6. I shot that bear for sure and nothing, it just continued mauling at me!
Agitated animals require two arrows usually. Adrenaline rush and all...

7. Where do I buy bows and arrows?
Any hunter will sell them.

8. Can I use it with SkyTest?
Yes, just load Ranger of Tamriel after SkyTest(under it in load order).

9. I don't see dialogue to buy stuff from hunters?
It is 1.7 update bug. Save and load game.