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this mod adds a Silvershield to the game, that i build to match my ( Silversword Of The Dragonblood 1h and 2h ) its a standalone-mod it is producible at each forge and comes in light and heavy

Permissions and credits
hallo nexus
here comes the matching Silvershield Of The Dragonblood for my sword
that you can find here:

video is made by: hodilton - shield starts at 1:29

My PC is not the best so I can not make better photos
look at this shield and make your own opinion

(mod description)

the name of the Shield is (Silvershield Of The Dragonblood)
it is a standalone light and heavy shield

the ingame-name is:
(SShieldOTDragonbloodL) or (SShieldOTDragonbloodH)

to forge the shield, you find it in the daedric-section


10x silver ingots
6x steel ingots
6x ebony ingots
3x firewood
1x leather strip

14x silver ingots
10x steel ingots
8x ebony ingots
3x firewood
1x leather strip

you can improve both

the stats are better as steel but not so high like daedric

the standart textures have the size 2048x2048
but you can download some with 1024x1024

after a few picture posts i edited the effects of the light and the normalmap
so I really like it

Update 1.1
fixed esp and path of the data-files


this time i have to give credits to bethesde for the Handle of the shield
its the same mesh like the vanilla-steel but i made better textures

make whatever you want with the shield

So have fun with the game and the mod