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A Small lovely Village including a simple player house near Rorikstead.

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Update Jan 7 2017:
New version uploaded (thx to Ooku).
Apachii Hairs removed, so that is not required anymore.
(I didn't test it, since I don't have Skyrim installed at the moment)

As I was finally starting using the Creation Kit I decided to create a small functionable village to learn how to use the CK.
So thats what came out. My first mod ever. Nothing fancy, just a quite little village in the middle of the tundra. Oh and I forgot to mention it has the most beautiful view on the mountains in all of Skyrim!
Best way to encourage me to learn more about the CK is by endorsing the mod if you like it.

This mod adds a lore friendly village in the tundra near Rorikstead (see pictures) with a few new NPCs who should live their lives in some way. Version 1.1 introduces a simple player house and a female follower: Kalinda.
The village is quite small, but includes quite everything an adventurer might need:
§ Blacksmith (Sells stuff 9-21h)
§ Farmhouse with old grumpy and not so grumpy working people
§ Functionable Inn* (Sells stuff 10-24h)
§ Street Food Merchant (Sells stuff 8-19h)
§ Watchtower (guard on duty is quite serious so you better not ignore his warning and go up to the tower)
§ Apatoiah Mansion (player house)
Basics should work, but I still have some troubles getting along with the CK. In future updates i will hopefully be able to fix these problems and expand the village further. First thing on the list besides fixing the bugs is a new unique player home.

[Follower Kalinka]
She is good with bows...
what's more to tell about her? Go check her out in the Inn.

[Required & recommended Mods]
To look the NPCs etc exactly the same, you probably should have ApachiiSkyHair and Hair packs of TES IV Oblivion as well as RealLike ENB installed.

Just drop the ESP file in the Skyrim Data folder.

From Rorikstead walk east through the tundra and you should not miss it.

Should be compatible with quite anything that does not change that exact space. You may encounter some problems if you use SkyrimMonsterMod or similar as some creatures may spawn close to the village and kill some people
(none of them are essential).

[Known Issues & Bugs] *
§ Flickering ground textures in Noemis Basement
§ Innkeeper does not show you to your room as she's supposed to
§ I did encounter some lag issues wandering my village. I don't know if and how my mod causes so much trouble.
§ Somehow custom hairs dont seem to work fine on a few NPCs. When I change a character and add some hair, it sometimes just keeps the default hair although it shows the new equipped hair in the CK. That results in a few NPCs having the exact same hair :(

[What's New?]
- Apatoiah has now a (simple) player house!
- Kalinda the hireling is no more. She is now a functional follower, specialised in archery.
- NavMesh fixed and should completely work in- and outdoors.
- The blacksmith got a few upgrades: smelter, sharpening weel and anvil.
- The Village is now safer, as two imperial men from the near camp patrol between the camp and the city.

- Inn revised (NavMesh, flickering lights and textures)
- Mill lighting revised

Free for use, just let me know :)

This is kinda my Tutorial Project. So if there is something not working, please forgive me :)
And said that, I hope there will be some construcive critisism and maybe even some people who can help me with my problems.