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Sword from Naruto Anime

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This is a conversion of the Samehada from the original mod "Naruto - Seven Swordsmens blades" made by Jabus and Tyrelh, credits for meshes and textures goes to them.

This is the link for the original mod

This mod adds the Samehada at Skyforge in Witherun, there are the two original version with only the bandages and with only the shark skin, I've also made a mixed vesion with skin and bandages.

Added Zabusa's sword at Skyforge, craftable and improvable, without enchantment.

Added the Shibuki, one of the swords of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.
For now the Shibuki hasn't any enchantment and there is a problem of collision with the shoulders.

Added the Seven Star Sword, one of the treasured tools of the Sage of the Six Paths. For now without spell.

The Akatsuki robe you can see in the images is another of my mods, check it if you want.
Soon i will made the other swords of the original mod and i will add some spells to them.

To uninstall simply delete the files you have unzipped

The last version makes the swords twohanded and adds the enchantments: bandages version absorbs magika, mixed and shark skin versions absorb health.
Soon I will make better spells.

The last complete main version of the samehada allows you to craft and improve 1h anh 2h swords.

To use the updates you NEED the main version of the mod.

All thanks goes to Jabus and Tyrelh.