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Fixes the camera when using player.setrace on monster races.

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To get the new version, which not only fixes the camera but also allows monsters to attack, go to:



Alright, so I decided to put together a compilation of camera fixes for every
single creature in the game. This allows you to use the player.setrace console
command to transform into any creature you can think of.

If you're unsure of the specific name of the monster you wish to turn into, simply
type in 'FindForm Race (keyword, such as spider)'. When you press ENTER, this
will return a list of races with that keyword in it such as

To transform back into yourself, simply use the console to enter player.setrace
(imperial, nord, argonian, etc). Just enter whatever race you were to start with.


Installation is extremely simple. Just extract the contents of the .RAR file
into your Data directory.


If you want to play as a skeleton, do skeletonrigidrace. Not the original skeleton race, because that didn't have camera fix. They look exactly the same.

Also, if you want to be a skeleton or a draugr and have the camera work, you have to be male in this version. Female versions don't have the camera fix apply to them for some reason. I'm hoping to fix this in the next version. If you need to change your gender to male, enter showracemenu in the console.

At this point in development, non-bipedal monsters CAN NOT use their melee
attacks! The list of monsters with working melee attacks are below.


The list of creatures with working spell casting animations are below.

Flame Atronach
Storm Atronach
Dragon Priest
Chaurus (yes, you can cast spells from your mouth as a chaurus)

There may be more to each list, but I have not discovered them if there are.
Once the Construction Kit comes out, I'll be releasing an updated version that
also allows ALL monsters to do melee attacks and possibly spell casting.

By the way, if you want to play as a Dragon, the only attacks you'll be able to
do are Shouts at this point in development. Simply equip a shout and use it to your
heart's content. In the console, enter PSB to give yourself every spell and shout
in the game. This will enable you to use the DRAGON ONLY shouts, such as breathing


The spells *do* work. There's just a trick to it.

First you have to set your race to whatever your original race was and unequip all weapons, spells and armor that are incompatible with the race you want to be. Then you have to go into neutral stance (not attack mode).

Then do player.setrace dragonpriest, for example. While still in neutral stance, equip whatever spells you want to whichever hands you want. THEN go into attack stance and your spells should show up. To change spells, you MUST go into neutral stance first.


If you wish to play as a different variant of any monster, simply go under their
folder in meshes and rename whichever variant of the monster you want to appear as
to the name of base nif file.

For example, if you want to play as Alduin instead of the normal dragon, rename
Alduin.NIF to dragon.NIF. First, however, you'll need to delete the original
dragon.nif file. ALWAYS MAKE A BACK UP!