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sOy's Vampire Perks (WIP) 1.6.1

- Adds over 15 NEW perks for vampires!
- This is a rework / upgrade of my first vampire mod - Now integrated into the Vampire Lord perk tree.
- Some of these perks increase the power of your innate vampiric abilities in your natural form, others will affect both the natural and the Vampire lord forms.


- Immortal Blood: reduces damage by half while below 25% health.
- Wings of The Night: no falling damage while in Vampire Lord form. Half falling damage and muffled movent while in natural form.
- Ghostly Visage: chance for assuming an intangible form whenever below 10% health.
- Life Siphon (3 levels): increases blood magic health absorb by 25% / 50% / 75%.
- Blood Thirst: blood Magic is twice as powerful when below 25% health.
- Blood Binding: bound weapons steal health.
- Blood Enchanter: health/stamina/magicka absorb enchantments on weapons are 25% stronger.
- Vampiric Fortitude (3 levels): increases armor rating by 35/70/100 in natural form, and twice that amount in vampire Lord form.
- Darkstalker: sneak attacks are 10% more powerful at night.
- Unnatural Might |(3 levels): Attacks 10%/20%/30% stronger in natural form. Claw attacks are 20%/40%/60% in vampire lord form.
- Death Shroud: cloud of bats while blocking in natural form with 10% ranged damage reduction.
- (NEW) Unholy Grasp: Telekinesis spell does more damage in natural form, allows grabbing of living targets if dual cast. Vampiric grip does more damage in vampire lord form.
- (NEW) Obfuscate: brief invisibility before reverting to natural form. Reduces light level penalties on sneaking by 25%.
- (NEW) Spawn of Coldharbour: ice spells darin a small ammount of health (does not affect blizzard and wall of frost).
- (NEW) Agent of Molag Bal: Fear spells and Intimidation are 15% better. Chance to fear targets with claw attacks in vampire lord form.


--- 1.6.1 ---
- Unholy Might now has 3 levels, fear effect moved to Agent of Molag Bal.
- Agent of Molag Bal had the Fury spell bonus removed, but the fear and intimidation buffed to 15%. Added fear effect with vampiric claws.
- Unholy Grasp now working correctly.
- Fixed an issue where some perks wiith multiple levels would stack with themselves.

--- 1.6 ---
- Added 4 new perks: Unholy Grasp, Obfuscate, Spawn of Coldharbour, Agent of Molag Bal.
- Vampiric Fortitude now has 3 levels.

--- 1.5.3b ---
- Fixed Vampiric Fortitude armor bonus.
- Minor adjustments to the perk tree visuals.

--- 1.5.3 ---
- Blood Binding: now working as intended.
- Dark Knight: renamed Unnatural Might. Tweaked functionality, and also rebalanced.
- Death Shroud: now reduces ranged damage by 10% while blocking. Affects arrows and spells.
- Darkstalker:greatly nerfed from 100% sneak attack increase to 10%, as some people were repeatedly complaining about it.

--- 1.5.2 ---
- Now you can have more than 11 perks in the vampire lord tree.

--- 1.5.1 ---
- Life Siphon balanced.

--- 1.5 ---
- Initial release of the Dawnguard version.


- Tweaks and balacing of the new perks.
- Adding more perk levels. :D


- All perks now integrated into the Vampire Lord perk tree.
- Dark Knight now affects claw attacks.
- Added Vampiric Fortitude perk.
- Dark Ward renamed Death Shroud: now restored to its old functionality and surrounds the player with a cloud of bats while blocking.
- Removed Phlebotomist and Nightmare Arrow perks, as they were too problematic. May re-add those in the future.
- Removed Blood Magic perk, as Unearthly Will overlaps its function.


- Death Shroud: not working as intended at the moment (only applying VFX)

- If by any reason you need to add/remove perks, use the console to do so. Here's a quick tutorial:

- Wanna know the perk's IDs? Follow these intructions:
1. Lets say you wanna add the Immortal Blood perk.
2. Open the console window and type "help immortal" or "help blood" and hit enter.
3. Use Page Up / Page Down to scroll the text until you find the PERK entry number (or ID).
4. Now type "player.addperk perkID" and hit enter, and there you go.
5. You can do the same to remove perks with "player.removeperk perkID" should you wish to respec.


- As this is a BETA / Work In Progress (WIP), I recommend you BACKUP YOUR CHARACTER FILES, and do so periodicaly.
- If any ability is no longer working or not displaying correclty after an update, or if by any reason an update removes or adds a new perk, it is recommended you reload your backup or remove/add back those through console.
- Perks might have their functionality changed/adapted since this is a BETA.
- If you use another vampire mod (I strongly recommend using Better Vampires by Brehanin), its usually better if you move it DOWN in the load order (to make it load after my mod). There might be exceptions though.


- Should be compatible with most vampire mods, including reverse vampirism ones, but some might cause unexpected results that I cannot predict.
- Incompatible with mods that remove vampirism.
- Incompatible with non-vanilla vampire races.


Q: How do I download and install the mod?
A: Download the file, extract it, then put the files in your skyrim/data folder.

Q: Why aren't the new perks showing up for me?
A: This may be caused by conflict with another mod that alters the Vampire Lord
perk tree, in which case you will have to choose the mod you want and move it DOWN in the load order in the Data Files window.

Q: Do I actually NEED the Dawnguard DLC to use this mod?:
A: The latest version requires Dawnguard. I did, however, upload the original (discontinued) version which does not requires DG.

Q: Do I have to be a Vampire to buy the perks?
A: Yes.

Q: Will you nerf perks that are too powerful and buff the ones that are too weak?
A: i will do so regularly, and when I have the time, based on feedback. If you think a perk is too powerful, you should first try increasing the difficulty in the options menu, and please keep in mind that Skyrim is *not* an MMO or a online game.