Overhauled Lycanthropy Project - New Perks by Sagittarius22
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============================ ENGLISH ============================

Version: 1.2
Author: Sagittarius22
Category: Gameplay
Requirement: Latest Skyrim's patch & Dawnguard.
Description: This mod adds new perk to the Lycanthropy perk tree. This is intended to be balanced and destined to make you enjoy being a werewolf while still becoming strong and powerful.

Current new perks/features (see screenshots for more details):

===== Seven new exclusive perks =====
*A special Sneak branch for real predators! See by yourself:

Apprentice Predator
Experienced Predator - requires the above perk
Fearsome Predator - requires the above perk
Patriarch Predator - requires the above perk

* Three perks to disarm your enemies:

Agile claws
Painful claws - requires the above perk
Bashing claws - requires the above perk

* Five perks to reduce the falling damage:
Solid Paws
Paws of Rock
Paws of Steel
Undestructible Paws
Godly Paws