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Last updated at 3:53, 15 Jun 2013 Uploaded at 19:25, 22 Aug 2012

"Hey, Thanks! I love Jorrvaskr's new look! It used to be trashy, but now... Beautiful." - [MQ] Vinyl-Scratch-Dj-P0n-3 from Steam Workshop

Better Jorrvaskr provides you with a more colorful approach on your experience fighting alongside the companions. This mod features an improved forge, a massively improved exterior, an improved main hall, an improved living quarters, adds a map marker, adds new followers and merchants residing in Jorrvaskr, and adds a completely new Undercity, equipped with Ante-chambers, and a full new player home.

The Forge is now equipped with a Tanning Rack, a Weapon Rack, a Workbench, a Smelter, and many pre-made weapons and armor on tables, along with pelts.

The Exterior is now full with different arrays of floral life, trees and plants, has new benches around Jorrvaskr, Creates new arches in front of Jorrvaskr & the Skyforge, adds a Companion Dog & a Companion Goat, adds many new training dummys, adds many statues around Jorrvaskr, adds a bar on the patio with it’s own bartender, and many more new features!

The Main Hall now has a redone table, instead of having food catered to the Companions, now they have empty plates, and have to fetch their own food & mead, it also adds a Grindstone, a Workbench, a Bard, Bookshelves & display plaques, and much more.

If you would like to learn more, download it for yourself!

V.1 (Version 1) Includes:

  • Improved Forge (Tanning Rack, Pelts, Workbench)
  • New Mage Companion Follower
  • Better Exterior
  • Jorrvaskr Patio includes Alchemy Table and Enchanting Table
  • New Dining Table Interior, includes Cooking Spit above fire
  • New Chests, New Ancient Companion Weapons

V.1.5 (Version 1.5) Includes:

  • All of the above
  • Read Me doc
  • All Screenshots
  • Few New Weapons

V 2.0 (Version 2.0) Includes:

  • New Jorrvaskr Map Location
  • New Dovahkiin Living Area
  • Large amount of Exterior Decor
  • New Restoration Spell
  • New Weapons and Armor
  • New Hidden Room
  • New Bar
  • New Followers
  • New Merchant's

V2.5 (Version 2.5) Includes:

  • New Jorrvaskr Catacomb Room.
  • Companion Dog

V3.0 (Version 3.0) Includes:

  • General Cleanup
  • Generic Improvements
  • Companion Shield

V3.5 (Version 3.5) TES5Edit:

  • TES5Edit Cleanup

V4.0 (Version 4.0) Includes:

  • Cleanup
  • Tidyness
  • Better Patio
  • Better Player Quarters
  • More Plants & Trees

V5.0 (Version 5.0) Includes:

  • More Organized Patio
  • Improved Forge Area
  • Slightly Improved Living Quarters
  • Completely Re-done Jorrvaskr Undercity (Accessible through Underforge) (***ONLY OBTAINED THROUGH COMPANION QUEST COMPLETION! If you wish to enter early, open the command window and enter "coc whiterununderforge" ***)

V5.5 (Version 5.5) Includes:

  • Finished, Improved, and Cleaned All Underground Units (Jorrvaskr Undercity) (INCLUDES PLAYER HOME)

V6.0 (Version 6.0) Includes:

  • Improved Main Jorrvaskr
  • Improved Living Quarters
  • Improved Key Obtainment
  • Vastly Improved Undercity
  • All New Weapons!!! From JaySus Swords Mod

V6.5 (Version 6.5) Includes:

  • Improved Undercity

V7.0 (Version 7.0) Includes:

  • Improved Undercity
  • Improved Main Table

V8.0 (Version 8.0) Includes:

  • Improved Player Home
  • Improved Lighting/FX Effects

V9.0 (Version 9.0) Includes:

  • All New Cells Navmeshed, except main Home, coming navmeshed in next update.
  • Altered Armors of NPCs
  • Altered Faces, Warpaint, Hair, ETC
  • Tweaked Exterior

V10.0 (Version 10.0) (FINAL UPDATE) Includes:

  • Minor Updates
  • File Archive Added
  • NOTE: For those of you who actually read this and are disappointed that I'm archiving this project and not adding any more updates, I am creating a mod similar to Jorrvaskr, a sort of Companion sanctuary, It will require Dawnguard since the Hall will be based on the Dawnguard Fort files. It will be based in a snow filled area, such as Dawnstar or Windhelm. More details to come, I will include a link when it's done. I hope you enjoy Better Jorrvaskr, and it's been a pleasure having you guys support me in this project.

  • Thank You Bethesda for the creation of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and all of it's DLC Packs.
  • The Steel Companion Wolf Shield introduced in V.6.5/V.7.0's texture and mesh were both created by lesma666. Use of these assets were obtained with permission from original author, lesma666, in his mod: Shield of the Lone Wolf
  • Hircine Carving Statue in V7.0/V7.5's meshes/textures were aquired through Hircine carving by digitalEN4CR