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this mod add\'s a new 1h-sword and/or a new 2h-sword to the game standalone version or replacer it\'s your choice

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Hello nexus
I was always disappointed in the original silver sword in skyrim
So I have got a new tinkered
I'm not really good in textureing I'll leave it to you to make new and better tex

if you want to see a video with the sword go on youtube for the video of MrX4

thx to hodilton- sword starts at 5:50 and thx to Skyrim Mods Weekly - starts at 2:53

(mod description)

the name of the sword is (Silversword Of The Dragonblood)
it is a standalone one- or/and two-handsword

the ingame-name is:
(SSwordOTDragonblood1h/2h) name was to long ^^
(Silversword) and (SilverGreatsword) in the replacer version

to forge the sword, you find it in the daedric-section

Materials: (2Hand)
6x silver ingots8
2x steel ingots 3
2x ebony ingots 3

to improve it
2x silver ingots

the textures have the size 2048x2048
but you can download some with 1024x1024

i make a 2Hand version of it as standalone-file so that you can choose
the textures of the 2hand-sword stay the same So the 1024 textures work well with this
for those who want to have both , ther is a file with both swords in one esp.
the esp file is a little different than the standalone versions
you do not need a perk to forge the weapons
now you can choose between the standalone version or the replacer for the vanilla silversword.
in both you can forge and upgrade the swords, materials and stats are the same

differences between them are:

Only the player can use the sword, not your followers
(I had forgotten to write that)

followers can use the swords, NPC's with silverswords are stronger
and the weapons are (Particularly effective against undead)
So if you are an undead you have to doubly careful XD

if you have interest in an matching shield here is the link:


make whatever you want with the sword

So have fun with the game and the mod