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When most vendors die, the shop is closed and there isn't a way to sell your junk. Well, no more!
This mod adds apprentices that will take the shop's owner place after his/her death. You can find them near the shops and will sell the shop's goods. If eventually an apprentices dies another one will take his/her place

Added 19 apprentices:
Dawnstar - Alchemist and Blacksmith
Falkreath - Blacksmith and General Trader and apothecary
Morthal - Alchemist
Riften - Alchemist and Blacksmith and general trader
Riverwood - Blacksmith and General Trader
Shor's Stone - Blacksmith
Solitude - Alchemist, Blacksmith, Fletcher
Whiterun - Alchemist, Blacksmith and General Trader
Winterhold - General Trader

Updating (Note: with 0.6.4 it's possible you'll need to use this metod if you had previous version installed)
If you have a npc that was fixed in the lastest version, but the fix doens't work with you is because the npc is saved into your save game. Try using the console:

1. click on the npc
2. write: RecycleActor
3. press enter
4. write: ResetInventory
5. press enter and close the console

If you don't want to use the console, you could also kill the npc and wait for its respwan. But IMHO is better the console metod.