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Arheim is an underground city beneath Markarth. It was built for an experiment: What happens, if people are forced to live together without any contact to the outside world?


You have to find clues like diaries to find out what happened in Arheim.
The entrance to Arheim is right at in the city of Markarth. If you entered the city, just turn right. Arheim is a large human made cave in which a city was built 10 years ago.
But since a few weeks, there have been no messages from inside the city, so you have to go down and look for what happened.


You can visit Arheim as soon as you've reached Level 1, because it has leveled enemies. But there are still some hard or even boss enemies, so I would recommend some experience and items. It was difficult for me with level 10, but also with level 24. (if you get stuck - just run to the exit).
As you enter the city of Arheim, you will learn what true chaos really means.

A little bit inspired by the movie "Event Horizon" (yes, really. ;))


Ps: I use the mod "immersion armors", so you can see one of them in the video and on some screenshots. However it has nothing to do with Arheim, altough I really like it and you should also give it a try.