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Okay! so, if you haven't figured out what this mod will do by now, this adds the ability to craft mine turtles to the game!


1. download with NMM and activate. (recommended!)


2. download manually and extract the data folder to your skyrim directory. then activate with the data files button on your skyrim launcher.


Yes, there are some things you need to know about this mod or you'll hurt your brain trying to figure out why you can't forge mine turtles!

what this mod actually does is add 2 notes to your room in the hall of attainment of the college of winterhold, one with a little story/instruction, the other works like a spell book, pick it up and use it to unlock the crafting recipe.

////Further usage notes////

To "set" a mine, simply drop it on the ground where you wish to set it up.
DON'T pick it back up!
You can now choose to just let it stay on the spot, or drag it with you holding "E".

Whenever you want to trigger the turtle to explode ON THE SPOT YOU FIRST SET IT, just hit the turtle with any weapon or magic.
This will trigger the turtle to go back to its set location and go boom.

Fits surprisingly well for sneak characters, and in a way, isn't that lore breaking at all.
If you wish to just keep a mine turtle with you just for the sake of their epic "HELLO!" sound, you can pick it back up after setting it, this will disable their explosive nature PERMANENTLY! (for that one mine turtle that is...)


TomSka (Youtube)

for asdfmovie, the whole concept of the "mine turtle", and his "HELLO!" sound for the mine turtle.


for well, making the whole game and all that, so without them this mod would not have been.

Me :]

for making the models, textures, and making it all work in the CK x]