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Update Info 01\09\2013: Fixed the texture path for the optional bridle only version (Mesh Only!). Please, remember to download the saddle texture separatly from one of the main files!

Update Info 01\07\2013: For those of you who love to ride bareback, there's an optional file which provides you with a bridle only version (Mesh only!).

Update Info 08\21\2012: There's a mistake in the original readme.txt, which might make it not clear how to exchange the vanilla saddle for the hunter saddle. You can take a look into the readme on this page, it's been updated!

Here's the updated passage that was messed up a bit:


If you would like to see one of the saddles on your vanilla horses it's plain easy! Install the mod. Open the .bsa archive and extract one of the hunter saddle .nif files from meshes\TheWinterhawk\horse\. (Or download the loose files.) Rename it to saddle.nif and put it into your folder Data\meshes\actors\horse\character assets\. You're done! Enjoy!"

Release Date: 08\20\2012 v1.0



This mod offers you three different hunter style saddles. They come in the categories pure, medium and full. For more details check the readme.txt and take a look at the screen shots.

Well, how to use the saddles?

I've offered you a couple of options:

You can either use this mod without having anything more to do then just placing the .bsa and .esp correctly into your Skyrim Data folder. Make sure the .esp is checked in your launcher and you're almost ready to use.

Or you can make changes to the vanilla folder structure or your horse/saddle mods to include the hunter saddles. For this, you'd have to follow my little walk through in case you're new to placing .nif and .dds files. Don't worry, it'll all be easy! If you're already experienced you know what you have to do. ;)

So, you can use this mod or its assets to:

- spawn yourself a horse called Jingles who wears one of the hunter saddles. Jingles comes with three different textures. You can adjust them to your needs by following my walkthrough.

- replace the vanilla saddle. I'll show you in the readme.

- replace textures for horses and saddles. Instructions in the readme

- integrate the hunter saddles to Convenient Horses (see readme again for details)




Simply place the .esp and the .bsa file into SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data\


Delete the .bsa and .esp from SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data\

Remember to also delete single files in your loose folder structure, IF you have made changes to it. ;)



First, I want to thank Nightasy for his fantastic tutorial series on how to make armors. I watched his videos for the basics. You can find his tutorial series here:
Nightasy also has a youtube channel:

Second, gratefully I want to credit Laup26 for his wonderful support and patience. He offered me help and answered all my questions. Thank you kindly, Laup! Without him I would still sit in front of my computer trying to figure out how everything works. And probably my machine would have died of massive hammer attacks by this time, even if no killmove was guaranteed. ;)
Don't miss Laup's exciting saddles! Visit:

I want to give credits to TreasureChest for the awesome waterskin he has made for his adorable furbag editions. I use the waterskin in the saddles, because a real hunter needs a waterskin when going on a hunting trip. ;) Thank you so much, TreasureChest, for allowing me to use your precious asset!
You can find his furbags here:
Sabre Gear Backpack

And last, but not least, thanks and credits go out to zira for making some wonderful horse skins. I've used her Quarter Horse, Appaloosa and Pinto textures for this mod. But there are far more terrific textures! Don't miss them!
All horse textures used in this mod can be found in her mod: Zira Skyrim Horse Base



Since my mod contains assets of other authors I cannot simply offer you using my assets this time. You would have to ask the other authors first. That goes for the waterskin, which was made by TreasureChest and it goes for Zira, who has made the horse skins. Should you want to use my saddles only, then asking TreasureChest will do. If TreasureChest gives you the "go!", then GO! I don't mind, just put the credits in for me AND him. And don't forget to link us. ;)


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