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A new college wizard called Frand has been busy studying old books in the arcaneum. Within them he found descriptions of old and forgotten spells. Now he is ready to share his knowledge with anyone who can afford his services.

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Do you want more spells? You're lucky, here is Part 2!



Just put LostMagic.esp, LostMagic.bsa and LostMagic.bsl into your \Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data folder and you're ready to play.

A detailed guide on how to use each spell has been added as article and seperate text file. Here is a basic description of each spell.

Lightbeam: A ray of light. Does additional fire damage to undead. (10 damage to health and magicka + 5 firedamage to undead)
Ice Shards: a volley of razor sharp icicles (50 frost damage)
Gust: a gust of wind blowing away anyone in it's path (no damage)
Quake: let the earth tremble under your feet (no damage)
Gauldur's Might: strike with pure magic. No wizard can control so much power completely. (damage 150 health 75 stamina, 75 magicka per second)
NEW Plasmabolt: A bolt of ectoplasm dealing 30 damage and reduce magic resistance

Cleanse Body: get rid of any disease and poison you have contracted
Rejuvenation: Restore all your health, stamina and magicka. Takes a long time to cast.
Mystic Aura: Incoming spells cannot get a hold of you, making them last only for 1 second.
Blood Curse: Manipulate the blood of your victim, rendering him unable to control his body while draining 10 health per second for 20 seconds.

Night Eye: can see much better in the dark
Shadow Form: Blend in with the shadows, making you harder to see or hit. Effect gets stronger in darker areas. (20% - 60% chance to avoid damage and 10 - 30 increased sneak, the value depends on the lightlevel)
Twisted Words: Mages are unable to pronounce their incantations, leaving them unable to preform their magic.
Steal Knowledge: Equip the same spells as your target for 30 seconds.
Petrify: Petrify a target for 45 seconds. In this period the target cannot move or be moved. Illusion ends when target recieves damage. WARNING (see BUGS)

Starlight: summon a bright star to light up your way
Waterwalking: you're able to walk on water while casting this spell
Slime: Cover enemies in slime, slowing them down for a while. (reduce speed by 75% and stamina regen by 50%)
Break Armor: Break the armor of your enemy, reducing it's ability to absorb damage. Doesn't work on weak armors like fur. Doesn't work on unarmored people, creatures and falmers (because they are creatures even though they do wear armor).

Summon Plague: Summon a pack of Skeevers for 60 seconds. You can summon Skeever up to 0.3 times your conjuration skill, so e.g. someone with a level 60 of conjuration can summon 18 Skeevers.
Bug Swarm: a swarm that does 15 poison damage per second
Bee Swarm: a swarm of bees that does 35 poison damage per second and has a small chance to paralyze
Grand Soul Charge: put part of your own soul into your enchanted weapon to recharge it.(Reduce your own health by 100 to charge your weapon with 500 points.) LEFT HAND ONLY
Grand 2H Soul Charge: put part of your own soul into your two-handed enchanted weapon to recharge it.(Reduce your own health by 100 to charge your weapon with 500 points.) LESSER POWER!!!
Soul Charge: put part of your own soul into your enchanted weapon to recharge it.(Reduce your own health by 10 to charge your weapon with 50 points per second.) LEFT HAND ONLY
Teleport Other: Teleport to target to your location.
Soul Snatch: Directly rip the soul from a weak body and fill a soulgem. (Conjuration skill must be higher than the target's health)
Basicly most spells above but as scroll. Concentration spells couldn't be turned into scrolls. All scrolls can be bought from Frand or found troughout Skyrim.

Scroll of Cursed Blood: same effect as the Blood Curse spell
Scroll of Broken Armor: same effect as the Break Armor spell
Scroll of Cleansing: same effect as the Cleanse Body spell
Scroll of Ice Shards: same effect as the Ice Shards spell
Scroll of Mystic Aura: same effect as the Mythic Aura spell
Scroll of Night Vision: same effect as the Night Eye spell
Scroll of Petrifying: same effect as the Petrify spell
Scroll of Rejuvenation: same effect as the Rejuvenation spell
Scroll of Shadows: same effect as the Shadowform spell
Scroll of Soulcharge: same effect as the Grand Soulcharge spell
Scroll of Starlight: same effect as the Starlight spell
Scroll of Mindreading: same effect as the Steal Knowledge spell
Scroll of Teleport Other: same effect as the Teleport Other spell
Scroll of Twisted Words: same effect as the Twisted Words spell
Scroll of Snathed souls: same effect as the Soul Snatch spell
Scroll of Plasma: same effect as the Plasmabolt spell

Staff of Lightbeam: same effects as the Lightbeam spell
Staff of Ice Shards: same effects as the Ice Shards spell
Staff of Plasma: same effects as the Plasmabolt spell
Staff of Cursed Blood: same effects as the Blood Curse spell
Staff of Twisted Words: same effects as the Twisted Words spell
Staff of Petrifying: same effects as the Petrify spell
Staff of Broken Armor: same effects as the Break armor spell
Staff of Slime: same effects as the Slime spell
Staff of Bug Swarms: same effects as the Bug Swarm spell
Staff of Bee Swarms: same effects as the Bee Swarm spell
Frand can be found in the Arcaneum of the College of Winterhold. He sells everything mentioned above and some rare books. Aside from being a merchant, he is also a powerfull wizard. If you decide to fight him (bad idea), he will actually use the most powerfull spells he's found.
- Blood Curse has had some issues where victims were so busy with their spasms they refused to lie down dead when the spell killed them. This is hopefully fixed but please report if it still hapens.
- A Petrified NPC does not respond to anything for the duration of the spell, however the effects aplied to the NPC kick in as soon as the effect ends. This meant that when a petrified was hit by the gust or Unrelenting force shout,
the NPC took off flying at an insane speed when the effect ended. This has been fixed for Unrelenting Force and Gust but by adding a condition to them, but I cannot do that for spells from other mods that push people around. So DON'T USE SPELLS FROM OTHER MODS THAT PUSH PEOPLE AROUND ON PETRIFIED NPC'S! Or do and have a laugh ;)
V2 New spells Rejuvenation, Mystic Aura, Slime, Break Armor, Soul Charge and Twisted Words added, Bee and Bug swarm are now conjuration spells.
V2.2 All spells except Gauldur's Might are added to the leveled item list, so you can randomly encounter them when playing. The bug which makes candlelight blue has been fixed.
V3 New spells: Light Beam, (new) Soul Charge. Original Soul Charge spell renamed to Grand Soul Charge. (Grand) Soul Charge can no longer overcharge a weapon. Many thanks to Spinner385 on Nexus to help with the overcharge problem
V4 New Spells: Grand 2H Soul Charge, Summon Plague
V5 New Spells: Petrify, Steal Knowledge, Teleport Other, Blood Curse. Most spells are added as scrolls.
V6 New Spells: Plasmabolt, Soul Snatch. Most spells added as staffs. Rebalanced magicka cost, updated visuals and effects of: Petrify, Mystic Aura, Shadowform, Soul Charge, Rejuvenation, Twisted Words