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Allows the construction of Skyforge steel weapons in the skyforge

Permissions and credits
Name : Skyforge Steel Weapons - Craftable
Version : 1.0
Date : 20/08/12
Category: Weapons
Author(s) : SoulLimit

This mod allows the construction of Skyforge Steel Weapons in the Skyforge.
It creates recipies for the Skyforge steel sword, waraxe, battleaxe, greatsword and dagger and also creates a tempering recipe for the skyforge steel dagger as well.

The materials required to craft each weapon are listed below:

1 Iron Ingot
1 Leather Strip
1 Steel Ingot

1 Iron Ingot
2 Leather Strips
3 Steel Ingots

1 Iron Ingot
2 Leather Strips
3 Steel Ingots

2 Iron Ingot
3 Leather Strips
5 Steel Ingots

2 Iron Ingots
3 Leather Strips
5 Steel Ingots

You are also required to have Smithing 50 before you can craft these weapons. - No perk is required, this is to keep maximum compatibility with any mods that would change the smithing perk tree.

The required items are slightly more to show that Skyforge steel weapons are better, but more difficult to make as a result.

To temper(improve) the weapons you need 1 steel ingot (the dagger is now able to be improved)
Manual Installation:
To install this mod manually you must download the archive, extract the esp from the archive and place it in your Skyrim/Data folder.

Manual Uninstallation:
To do a manual un-installation just delete the esp from your Skyrim/Data folder

This mod will conflict with any other mod that creates crafting recipies for skyforge steel weapons

Tools Used:
Pyròs: GuideLines
Creation Kit, Available on Steam

Recommended Mod:
SkyForge Steel - Redone by Sakotius - Recommended to improve Skyforge steel weapons damage values and looks of the weapons, it will also make the 50 in smithing needed to craft them seem a bit fairer as well (due to higher weapon damage)

Legal and licensing:
First ask for my permission.

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