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A landscape overhaul of the Whiterun Hold tundra. The area is completely converted to a forest environment.

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**This mod has long since been abandoned by me but Ro84 has created a spiritual successor to it and has solved the various LOD issues I encountered. Please check out (and maybe endorse) his work: The Great Forest of Whiterun Hold.**


Have you ever spent time running through the endless open tundra surrounding Whiterun Hold? Were you ever bored or slightly depressed as a result of the expansive dreary environment?

This mod provides a complete overhaul of the area by replacing the entire tundra with an evergreen forest. All ground textures have been replaced with suitable ones and thousands of trees and undergrowth objects have been added to the game.

This mod does not affect the city of Whiterun! There are many mods out there that do a fantastic job of overhauling the city. I recommend downloading one of those to go with my mod.


Forested Skyrim can be run by itself but the experience is MUCH better when complimented by additional mods to enhance the visuals. I very highly recommend using these mods. (If you enjoy them give their authors an endorsement as well!)

Skyrim Flora Overhaul Summer Edition (If using the regular edition then make sure to apply my compatibility patch!)


Summer Skyrim - V2


SkyRealism - Grass AND/OR Lush Grass
Lush Trees
Brown Mountains and Rocks

Less crucial, but still nice...

Alternate Sun Glare
Dramatic Clouds
WATER - Water And Terrain Enhancement Redux
Skyrim Bigger Trees (This mod doesn't really affect my forest but it still adds a lot to the rest of skyrim and helps impart a sense of a larger, continuous forest.

There are many more ways to improve your game but I think that list is a good start. Also highly recommended (if your computer can handle it) is a HD texture pack and ENB mod of your choice.


Sometimes you will approach a tree that has a large LOD in the distance but when you get closer the actual model will load and be much smaller, or persist and keep the LOD embedded inside of the tree model.This is a bug with LOD generation in the creation kit for the Tamriel worldspace. As far as I know there is absolutely nothing that can be done about that except to not use the included .bsa that comes with this mod. Than will effectively remove all LODs for this forest. I feel the occasional mismatched texture is easier to deal with than trees randomly appearing but that choice is up to you.


This mod adds a lot of new objects to the game. You will have an fps drop. However most of the forest is similar in density to vanilla (Riverwood & Riften) forests. You can expect your frame rate to be comparable.

Skyrim Flora Overhaul: Users of this mod should download the optional compatibility patch to replace the brown tundra grass textures from Vurt's mod with appropriate hi-res substitutes.

Mod compatibility is a priority for this project. Accordingly only vanilla assets were used and no existing objects were moved. Undoubtedly I have planted several giant trees in the middle of your favorite player housing mod. Please post the name of the mod in question and I will attempt to address this in future updates.

Most texture replacement packs should be compatible.

Compatibility for the following house mods has been added:

Bathing Beauties Luxury Suite
Manor Dragonborn
Basic House Mod
Tree Home


I slowly developed this mod in my spare time between classes and work. Major updates will take some time but my goals are:

-Fix existing errors. (Floating trees, misplaced textures, etc.)
-Address mod compatibility.
-Expand the forest so that it completely merges with existing treelines bordering Eastmarch, The Pale, and The Reach.
-Detail the existing environment with additional undergrowth and grass placement.


Added compatibility fixes for the following mods:
Manor Dragonborn
Basic House Mod
Tree Home

A large number of floating trees were fixed.

(Special thanks to Irikedownroading who put a lot of time into finding said trees, screenshoting them, and working with me to test newer versions!)

Added additional undergrowth and trees.
Upscaled the size of many trees to increase the feel of a "canopy".
Cleaned with TES5Edit.

Added a compatibility patch for Skyrim Flora Overhaul.

Small tree placement fixes
Added support for Bathing Beauties Luxury Suite

Increased forest density in North & North-Eastern area.
Added additional undergrowth and clutter.
Many small tree placement fixes.

-Rebuilt LOD files.
-Removed unneeded files.
-Removed strange low-poly models floating in unedited areas.
-Minor floating tree fixes.

-Fixed tree LOD and included it in a .BSA format.
-Fixed floating trees outside of Redorans Retreat. (Credit to Surya01 for finding them!)
-Adjusted tree density outside of Fort Greymoor.

-Added tree LOD.

Initial release of the Whiterun Hold forest.