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Sword of Sigdan is a compact, lore-friendly quest mod designed to offer new opportunities in exploration, combat, and roleplaying for high-level players.

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  • German
As of Version 1.0, this mod requires THE SOMEGUYSERIES.ESM (Skyrim)

Sword of Sigdan is a compact, lore-friendly quest plugin geared towards high-level (30+) players. The narrative is delivered entirely through notes, books, etc., so there is no dialogue (and thus, no need for voice acting).

Unpack the contents of the archived folder ("Sword of Sigdan") into the "Data" folder in your Skyrim directory. Be sure to activate the plugin in your load order.

Through reading and/or exploration the player will uncover the story of Sigdan, a mythical swordsman from a bygone era . With the prospect of reward and adventure, the player can venture to enter Sigdan's tomb ("Sigdan's Sorrow"), where he/she will uncover a tale of greed, perfidy, and murder, all while combating the dangerous denizens of the tomb.

Balancing and Rewards:
This should be a challenging quest for most players, even with high-level characters (I largely tested it with a level 78 warrior). However, if you have manipulated the "Trifecta of Omnipotence" (Smithing, Alchemy, and Enchanting) to transform your characters into semi-divine juggernauts, it will be a breeze. Barring that, it should test you. I strongly advise packing ample potions, and perhaps a well-armed companion (almost all environments are fully navmeshed). I will be explicit: Do not start this quest until you are greater than level 30 (at a minimum - 50 is advisable).

I believe the rewards correspond to the challenge, but are not unbalanced.

Getting Started:
To begin the quest, either read "The Duelist" (distributed throughout Skyrim - see readme for exact locations), or just enter "Sigdan's Sorrow" to initiate it. "Sigdan's Sorrow" is due east of the Twilight Sepulcher, or due west of Falkreath.

The plugin adds a relatively miniscule tomb entrance to the overworld, and several copies of "The Duelist" in prominent cells. Aside from that, it should not impact the game. The quest does not start immediately (I took my cue from Bethesda's handling of Dawnguard). The player must initiate the quest through reading or exploration.

As players of my Fallout mods can relate, I go to some length to ensure my mods are lore-friendly. I will bend canonical elements at times, but I will not break them. If you suspect certain elements in my plugin flout lore, please post a comment explaining your position.

If any Fallout players are wondering, the outrageous profanity characteristic of my Fallout plugins is not present. Sword of Sigdan is more akin to Sagas than Spaghetti Westerns.

The plugin's origins:
This is my fourth quest mod, and my first plugin for Skyrim. I took a break from my current Fallout project to experiment with papyrus. After tinkering with the CK for the past month, this is the result.

There is no dialogue in Sword of Sigdan. Early versions included <50 lines, but glitches spurred by recent updates to the CK compelled me to jettison this feature (it only had two small roles, so no great loss).

This is not a sprawling, multi-quest adventure in the order of my last work for Fallout. It is comparable in style and scale to "Silenced Tongues" or "Forbidden Legend". It is clean and quick, and should take no more than 30 to 45 minutes, depending on playing style.

Due to outside demands I have limited time to field questions and comments. However, I always heed player feedback. I may not respond immediately (or at all), but rest assured that thoughtful, objective comments factor into my design. Astute critiques by players have been fundamental in shaping quest plugins in the past, and will continue to do so.

- Adds one new dungeon with three cells
- Includes one book and numerous notes
- Includes three new weapons and a new helmet
- Provides roughly 30 minutes of gameplay

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German (Version .94)

Provided in the readme.

Do not copy or redistribute this mod without my explicit permission. This is a Nexus-exclusive mod.

Commercial use strictly prohibited.

I am known to give out kudos to those who are the first to correctly identify historic, literary, and/or popular fictional references.

And I credit my beautiful and patient wife for tolerating and even supporting my nonstop modding.