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This mod cleans up grammar and syntax issues in around 270 vanilla loading screens and onscreen messages.

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My aim with this mod is to remedy the atrocious, broken English in Skyrim's loading screens and other on-screen messages. While a mod called "Grammatical Loading Screens" by Umaros is already available, I found additional annoyances and errors to repair. Umaros focused heavily on errant commas, especially those that split compound predicates (a big pet peeve of mine too!). I fixed not only those but also dangling constructions, inappropriate word order, serial comma issues, agreement problems, and adverb mistakes. Then I cleaned up some of the messier sentences, misused words, and vague subjects. In all, I hand-edited over 100 on-screen messages and 160 loading screens. This mod does not alter dialogue and only lightly retouches direct quotes from canon lore materials.

Feel free to use and abuse this mod or include it in compilations and patches with a dash of credit. Please let me know if you spot any additional errors.

I've included some examples in the screenshots, but here are a few more in text form:

"The School of Destruction focuses on the mastery of fire, frost and shock and is used to cast spells like Fireball, Ice Spike, and Lightning Bolt." (This single sentence has an example of both the serial comma and its lack. I've opted to use the serial comma in all instances.)

"The Lockpicking skill is used to open locked doors and containers faster and with fewer broken lockpicks." ("More quickly" was the adverb needed here.)

"Combat-based magic only improves when used against valid opponents." ("Improves only when" is what was meant.)

"Like many of Skyrim's woodland settlements, Falkreath's economy is heavily reliant on the production of lumber." (Dangling comparative. Falkreath's economy is not like many of Skyrim's woodland settlements. Settlements are like settlements; economies are like economies.)

"The Pickpocket skill is used to take things from an unsuspecting target's pockets... and not get caught in the process." (This sentence is mangled and currently suggests that the Pickpocket skill aims to not get caught, not the pickpocket himself. The corrected version is in the screenshots section.)

"Khajiit have deadly claws that can be used in unarmed combat. They can use Night Eye to see better in the dark." (Vague pronoun; it's not immediately clear whether "they" refers to "the Khajiit" or "claws.")

"The Block skill reduces the damage and stagger from physical attacks when blocking with either a shield or weapon." ("Blocking" is dangling, and the final either/or is not parallel.)

"The Sneak skill makes it more difficult to be detected, which in turn allows for deadly stealth attacks." (This is just awkward.)

"Solitude is a major shipping port and important Imperial supply line." (A city is not a supply line; it could be a permanent supply point, however.)

"Blocking with a shield or weapon will recoil an attack and stagger the attacker." (Recoil is an intransitive verb and cannot take an object as done here. One does not recoil an attack. A corrected version of this one is in the screenshots section.)

"The wilds of Skyrim are teeming with deer. They are docile creatures, but serve as food for much of the province's more savage beasts." (This sentence has an unclear pronoun, a comma incorrectly splitting a compound predicate, and a misuse of the conjunction "but.")

"Pick someone's pocket by activating them while sneaking. Looking at their inventory is harmless - taking anything is a crime." ("Someone" is traditionally a singular pronoun, thus "them" and "their" create a grating agreement issue. Additionally, that dash should be a semicolon.)